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Yoga has been proven to assist mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Start healing today!

Experienced Holistic Yoga

Through yoga classes, participants learn that there are many layers to life and the Self, and are encouraged to find an expression that suits their body, both on and off the mat. I work with yoga to help my clients go inward, slow down the “fight or flight” response, and to move through their feelings from the seat of the observer, rather than the judge.

Having been trained by Deva Tree in Cross-Disciplinary Yoga™, I strive to foster the connection to the earth, empower the light within each individual, and teach each student that they know themselves better than any outside source ever will. As a yoga instructor, I act as a guide, taking you to places of hidden wisdom within yourself, to uncover your greatest potential and whole health.

I have 200 hours of teacher training, 100 hours of HeartRise Children’s training, and 50 hours of Subtle Energy Training with Deva Tree School of Yoga. I have an additional 30 hours of training in Facial Release with Brenda Dowell. I offer Hatha, or Restorative 60 or 90 minute classes in one-on-one sessions. All of my classes are suitable for all shapes, sizes, and levels, and are able to be a blend of styles for your comfort and enjoyment. For me, yoga is all about looking deeply inward to enact healing, and I love how it allows just about everyone to experience this exploration.

Yoga Pricing

Individual Yoga Sessions

60 Minutes – $75 | 90 minutes – $95

Pay and book 5 sessions and receive the 6th session free!

All cancellations require 72 hours notice to avoid a $65 fee.

Hatha style yoga is a blend of individual poses, as well as connective flows. This slower pace allows time to form strong foundations, and makes poses available to all levels with a graduated sequencing. This style of yoga allows the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga to meld into one practice, and is an excellent way to gain confidence in a yoga class, learn your body, tune into your emotions, and heal stress and anxiety. 

This class is a mixture of:

  • Meditation
  • Poses
  • Chanting
  • Breathing Work

Music is used in most classes, and a great deal of self-expression is encouraged. A strong focus on language and themes (especially nature & the power within) are applied to each class, promoting connection to self, both on and off the mat.

Only a small portion of true yoga is about the poses. In my experience, most people find their true breakthroughs by gently incorporating a lengthy session of restorative yoga. In restorative yoga, you could only move between two to four poses in the span of an hour, holding mostly seated or lying poses. It can be a blend of some stretching and some poses, and is always a pose supported by yoga props, such as bolsters, blankets, and blocks.

Restorative yoga involves:

  • Deep Breathing
  • Props
  • Helping The Autonomic Nervous System

Through a regular restorative yoga practice, the deepest parts of the soul will learn that it’s ok to relax, slow down, and surrender into true healing. I often incorporate reiki, drumming, and singing bowls into these classes where possible to deepen the healing on an energetic level.

I am a certified Children’s Yoga Instructor. With the teachings of Tamika Schilbe and Carolyn Burke, I can lead children into creative games and activities, breath practices, Pocket Poses, chanting, HeartRise Musical Movements, and children’s yoga flows. Born in the jungles of Costa Rica, HeartRise® is an earth-centered system that helps children befriend their inner voice and celebrate their individuality. I love teaching children’s yoga classes with the theme of curious exploration.

I am available for four week sessions for:

  • Pre-School
  • Public School
  • High School
  • Home School

Customized private yoga session: $75/per person (1 person)

Special: $45/per person if you bring a friend for same time slot

Troubles With Movement? Chair Yoga Available. Must be able to walk up 3 steps into my studio, one flight of stairs to washroom.

Ideal for those who need modifications due to injury or limited mobility. Other senior yoga benefits may include:

  • Increase Mobility & Movement
  • Adjustable Yoga Program To Your Bodies Needs
  • Improve Joint Health
  • Reduce High Blood Pressure
  • Reduce Anxiety & Increase Mindfulness

Questions? Contact Tawny Stowe via our Facebook Messenger or contact form.

Frequently Asked Yoga Booking Questions

Have a group of 3-12 people who want weekday daytime yoga classes with a spiritual flair?

Contact me to arrange times and class sizes!

No interest? Troubles With Payment?

In house payment plans available. Services are non-refundable. All appointments require 72 hours notice of cancellation, or are subject to a $65 cancellation fee.

Considering committing to a yoga practice, or have long term goals but unsure whether we are a good fit?

I encourage all participants to take a single session at full price, and if you decide to commit to a package the cost of that day’s session will be deducted from the package.

Over 400 hours of yoga training!

Tawny Stowe’s journey had led her through over 400 hours of professional yoga training. 

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Only women are allowed booking private yoga due to previous issues and concerns.