Mercury Retrograde

Why Mercury Retrograde is a Blessing and Not a Curse

At the time of writing this post, our next Mercury Retrograde is coming up on June 18 – July 12, 2020.

Retrograde is the term we use to describe a planet slowing down in its orbit. It almost looks like the planet goes backwards and when it changes speed, it also stirs things up in our lives. If we are willing to believe in a multi-verse and trust that we are connected to a divinity far greater than ourselves it becomes possible that we notice the effects the planets have on us here on Earth while they go about their natural trajectories.

We witness the ebb and flow of the moon, mostly because we can see it.

The moon affects us when it wanes and waxes and increasingly, we celebrate its cycles. Seldom do we look at the Moon and say “ooh brace ourselves the moon is waning”, yet we may when we hear Mercury is going retrograde!

A planet turning retrograde doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom! Just like the moon going in cycles, the planets do their own thing in planetary time and they have a connection to different aspects of our lives. In other words, how they “rule over” our lives. This constant change in speed is a reflection of the constant changes within our own lives. When we slow down in our own lives and take a look, we may notice things we didn’t see at full speed. When planets slow down, they give us a chance to look at the area of our life connected to them (i.e. moon = emotions, venus = love, abundance=beauty etc). With this change in space, we are given the gift of perception from a different speed, which can illuminate possibilities for a life of soulful alignment.

Not all possibilities are comfortable.

Many times, we run at full tilt so we don’t have to sit with what we are truly feeling. When a planet comes around and slows things down and disrupts our awareness, anything is possible!

While all planets disrupt us in some way, Mercury gets a particular bad RAP, likely because Mercury is the ruler of intellect and that encompasses communication (which includes technology and travel). Let’s be honest, communication is often a weak suit in the best of times, so when we have a little planetary help slowing us down and mixing things up, it’s easy to see why people view Mercury as a curse.

As in all things in life, we have free will. We get to choose how we want to respond (response-ability) to this breakdown in communication. What would happen if we responded to Mercury with playful curiosity? What if we courageously dared to ask ourselves whether we are happy living a life of communication blissfully unaware of whether we are saying what we truly mean or truly feel.

If we long for authentic connection (heads up you are hardwired to need this) then…

  • Wouldn’t Mercury’s intelligent view of communication and pause to examine be a welcome way to explore and notice what things are feeling good and what aren’t in our day to day connections?
  • Wouldn’t it feel good to explore the ways in which we speak our truth and unravel what our truth really is?
  • Wouldn’t a slow down of time help to ponder what it is we actually want to be saying?
  • Wouldn’t deeper more meaningful conversations fill our hearts with more joy, ease, and love?

It’s not easy to choose to explore our lives.

We are programmed to take the path of least resistance and for many of us, that means keep going at full tilt while ignoring the subtle nuances of who we are and the energies that surround us. In my world that speed is the root cause of feeling unloved, unworthy and unfulfilled. Although I go head to head (I can be stubborn in wanting to change just like anyone) with Mercury at different times in my life, I always welcome this celestial event with open arms (because resistance really is futile).

I know in my heart that Mercury Retrograde is actually here to help me realign myself with my soul’s highest calling.

I know that the three times a year Mercury offers to reflect can help me auto-correct before I blindside myself with what could be an avoidable explosion if I had just taken time to slow down and listen.

When a Mercury Retrograde is arriving, he begins to have a shadow as he slows down and a tail before he speeds back up. This means we can feel his effects a little longer than his actual dates of retrograde. Astrologists everywhere will caution you that signing or starting any new project under this period is likely to mean it’s going to be temporary (won’t last), that signing documents requires meticulous (intellect) scrutiny to dot I’s and cross T’s and is very probable that there is a piece of the contracts you will miss or is incorrect. And, if you are travelling, you may want to have back up plans and ensure you have all necessary travel documents in hand as there are bound to be mix-ups.

This is all planetary school asking us to have patience, take things less seriously because we just can’t control everything.

Personally, I try to avoid new technology launches in a retrograde, I try to avoid signing new contracts or starting new projects, not so much because I am afraid of Mercury, but more because I like to try and slow down and embrace the possibilities this sign can teach us. I tend to feel sluggish and more introspective and have less high energy to take on something new.

As far as travel, I am a Sagittarius. If the possibility for a trip exists I will take it! For me, any travel is an adventure, no matter how many missed planes, non-existent hotel bookings or unavailable car rentals I encounter. One thing is for certain: after every retrograde, I am blessed with new awareness whether I took the easy way or fought my way through it. Either way, I welcome the possibilities to change with open arms.

Staying curious is my response-ability because it helps me remain true to the integrity of my heart and soul.

Mercury Retrograde

I would like to invite you to join me during this upcoming Mercury Retrograde or any future retrograde….

We will learn how to move through Mercury Retrograde together with imperfect action.

Every day at 6am (I know you’ll need 5 minutes to wake up before you join me, that is why I’ve called it the 5:55 Club….and because there is magic in the numbers 555), I will go LIVE inside of my Facebook Group to talk through what is happening and to provide you with a simple tool (or tools, you never know what may come up) to help you navigate the day.

AND BONUS….when you sign up to join us, you will also receive 7 ADDITIONAL tips to help you be more aware of what you can be doing to prepare yourself during this time.

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