Whole Body Intuitive Scan

Restore optimal flow to your mind-body-soul and use that flow to achieve your goals while being healthy and whole.

What Is A Whole Body Intuitive Scan?


All cancellations require 72 hours notice to avoid a $65 fee.

Our bodies are designed to have a constant flow of energy. As we go through life, emotions from unpleasant experiences can become stuck, lodged into areas of our body–causing an energetic disruption and restricting the body’s natural energy flow. A whole body intuitive scan aims to uncover what emotions may be causing the disruption to optimal energy flow, and what part of the body the emotion is associated with.

Working with my intuition, after gaining your consent in writing, I begin to scan your body. I feel in my own body areas that call my attention, and listen for songs, sounds, names, and images that seem to be explaining what emotion is in that area of the body. I take the time to go through each area of the body that calls my attention and write a report to discuss what I have sensed. The spirit speaks in metaphors, so together we try to discover what they mean to you.

This can be done in person or via Zoom, and is a one-hour call to go through the report. The written report is yours following the call or meeting to hang on to and continue to process. Each report comes with recommendations, including nutrition and reading as intuited just for you.

The Whole Body Intuitive Scan Process

Step 1

Once approved, I’ll send you the consent form and information about payment options

Step 2

After I contact you...

You will send me:

  • Consent Form
  • Payment
  • Date Of Birth

Step 3

Within 6-8 business days, I’ll email you to arrange a time to discuss the Whole Body Intuitive Scan report.

Step 4

Whole Body Intuitive Scan discussion/review takes place during a 1-hour Zoom or phone call; I’ll answer questions and add clarification.


This report does not serve as a substitute for medical advice from a medical professional. It serves as an intuitive report that explores energy of the body that can act as a complement to primary medical care and help in gaining greater understanding of how energy affects overall health and wellness. Please use the information here responsibly.