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What Is A Reiki Massage?

Many people enjoy massages because they create feelings of both relaxation and invigoration afterwards. These two almost contradictory feelings come from the sense of well-being with which the client leaves. It comes from as the massage loosens muscles, increases the movement of blood and oxygen throughout the body, and stimulates the flow of the body’s energies, better known as the chi.

The Japanese healing practice of Reiki also creates these feelings. While massage is more energetic in the manipulation of the muscles, Reiki also uses touch in a way that can calm and relax. Sometimes, merely the proximity of a healer’s hands to particular parts of the body can affect the flow of energy. We now have a treatment that combines the two approaches, and it’s called Reiki massage. 


What Is Reiki Massage?

reiki massage setting - tawny stoweReiki is a non-invasive energy therapy that balances energy levels and increases the body’s ability to heal. The chi flows through the hands of a trained practitioner and into the client, finding areas that need healing. Practitioners can even offer Reiki services in the form of distance sessions, where the client doesn’t have to be in the room!

Reiki massage combines this gentle technique of improving energy flow with traditional massage therapy so that therapists can add more wellness techniques into their appointments. It’s quite simple, and many therapists will use Reiki healing techniques during a massage session as a way of increasing the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of the client on the table. They’ll transition from one technique to the other almost seamlessly, improving the penetration of energy into deep tissues as they manipulate the muscles. Others will perform the Reiki after the massage to give their clients an added sense of well-being before they leave.

Reiki is great because it’s an unobtrusive treatment that promotes the healing of the whole body rather than a specific condition. It’s an ideal treatment for any clients looking for a natural approach to improved health. Reiki massage is also perfect for clients who are hesitant about removing their clothing for a full massage or are less comfortable with deeper, hands-on massage methods.


Massage Therapy And Reiki: Complementary Treatments

reiki woman holding leaf - tawny stoweSome parts of massages and Reiki might sound contradictory. Massages are performed by a therapist who puts a lot of pressure on the patient’s muscles, but in traditional Reiki, the trained healer barely touches the patient in the session. But these are superficial differences, and the combination of the two disciplines creates more benefits for clients looking for natural solutions.

Most professionals in both specialties see the practices as complementary. Many massage therapy schools teach Reiki alongside traditional instruction for students who would like to incorporate it into their sessions. It makes sense, too: both massages therapy and Reiki have been known to increase energy, reduce stress, and improve the overall wellness of people from all walks of life.