Walking With Women

More Than Networking

A group designed for women to connect, inspire, grow, and support! We meet monthly to share our goals, report on progress and support each other with ideas.

Walking With Women Event Dates

Join us on the Journey of connecting and empowering women through nourishing, trans-formative, and engaging collaborations.

Daytime Walking With Women

Date: January 23rd | 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM EST

Our Guest speaker will be Stacey Hanlon of Wildflower Story who will show us how worthiness and mindset play a role in business.

Stacey ‘s Story: Looking back..… I realize that there were so many times when I should have spoke up for myself. I should have created boundaries around the way I wanted to be treated. I needed to be stronger and I needed to love myself.

So, I took a risk and invested in myself. I dove into unapologetic self-care after decades of being the victim. I want to help you change your story, too. Too few people are talking about the need for self-care, sisterhood, and self-esteem. I’ve been called to be that voice.

Let’s move together from a place of struggle to a place of worthiness.

Date: February 20th | 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Our Guest speaker will be Dr. Laura Gravelle she will share and unlock secrets of stress and the brain.

-What is YOUR stress signature?

-What is YOUR stress physiology?

-What does the nerve system tell us about your life to date?

-What is the load of life?

-What healing archetype are you?

It is all about connection. What are you connected to? What have you lost connection to ? Yourself? Others? Things you love? Experiences? People ? Places? Joy? Creation? Dr. Laura uses a “hierarchy of vitality” to explain the goal in facilitating ease and connection back into our body.

Date: April 23rd | 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Our Guest speaker will be Angela Patterson of Zenfire Pottery. Angela will help us explore our creative side by teaching us to work with clay and embrace play from a new perspective. Angela will show us how the wheel works, explain clay and its process to become pottery, and explain how creativity comes to her. Angela will use her experience and teaching skills to guide us into unleashing our own creativity and created a pinch pot using only our hands.

Angela’s passion for pottery started with a mug. Back in 2010 when she first laid eyes on a beautiful black glaze she had never seen before. Prior to this, she did not enjoy anything about pottery – the colors she saw, the feeling of the rough clay. Until she saw this mug and then began the hunt.

Angela believes that opportunities come to us to see and experience the world differently. We can choose to act on it or to continue as we always have. When she saw that mug, a spark was ignited and now she shares that passion and sparks with each of her guests to inspire possibility.

Parking is parallel on the streets in front of the studio or the surrounding side streets and we begin sharply at 12:30 so please arrive with enough time to place items on the swag table and take a seat.

A welcome centering and food blessing will happen at 12:30 SHARP, followed by lunch. The menu will be launched closer to the event for you to select your choices.

**Please give 4 days notice of any allergies AND PRE-PAY**
All dietary restrictions will be considered and I will attempt to have something for everyone.

All primed up with creativity flowing we will then break into business groups getting to know each other and engaging in mastermind groups to help idea share and solution solve for our fellow colleagues. This is like a group coaching session where we idea share and help each other grow! We will have time to share our goals and recap on what worked and needs improvement from our goals the month before,

Date: May 21, 2020 | 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Our Guest speaker will be Krista Kankula. Krista is Krista is the poutine lovin’ and paint-covered creator. of Revel in the Mess. Revel in the Mess offers playful workshops and 1:1 coaching designed to help business owners fire up their creative juices and get their ideas from brain to paper.

Date: June 18, 2020 | 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Our Guest speaker will be Sonya Janisse of Fresh Approach Fitness
Sonya will guide us through eating healthy on a budget for the fast-paced lives that we lead. This talk will be centered around how to keep healthy when in busy mode and give us the tools to do so!

You can call Sonya an “Active Living Specialist.” someone who walks the walk and leads by example. I truly believe in more movement, a healthy mindset, energy, balanced nutrition, a strong social network, the power of positive thinking, meal planning, goal setting, making every moment count and living your BEST live while inspiring others to live theirs. Passionate doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about the Wellness industry or how I feel about helping people reshape their lives.

Evening Walking With Women

Date: January 15th

Our Guest speaker will be Frances Hickmott. Frances is a speaker, mentor and writer on the topic of self leadership. It’s something she’s passionate about, because it’s what ultimately helped her find her voice and create a fulfilling life and career. She is delighted to be speaking to fellow entrepreneurs and will be sharing a portion of her book – Journey to Joy: How to Overcome Life’s Setbacks to Create a Life you Love. The topic- dealing with the inner critic.

Date: February 12th

Our Guest speaker will be Andrea Bloomfield of Love Yo’Self Naturals. Andrea runs a local business out of Kerwood, Ontario, and specializes in locally handcrafted (all made by us) body products using all-natural butters and oils. All colourants and scents are achieved through natural clays & essential oils and locally sourced ingredients are used when available. Andrea will guide us through some self care tips and share her “natural” approach to business with us all.

Date: March 11th

Our Guest speaker will be Revel in the Mess. Krista Kankula is the playful and paint-covered creator of Revel in the Mess. She believes that you have brilliant workshop and content ideas already inside of you! Through Revel in the Mess, she helps business owners feel more creative and get those brilliant ideas from their brain to paper and out into the world.

Tonight Revive your Creative Spark! In this hands-on painting + brainstorming mini-workshop you’ll learn how-to:

*Face the blank page, so you can get your content and workshop ideas from your brain to paper

*Build your creative confidence, so you can bring those brilliant ideas to life in your business

*Embrace the messy creative process, so you can get unstuck and give yourself permission to experiment and learn as you go

All supplies are included and you don’t need to have any painting experience to participate!

Date: April 15th

Our Guest speaker will be Debbi Sluys of Dare 2 Declare Vision Board. Debbi Sluys specializes in helping people elevate and improve their physical, mental and spiritual well-being, expanding the brain’s potential, and with living intentionally in a state of gratitude and kindness. With nearly 30 years experience in early childhood development, Debbi has gathered a wealth of valuable knowledge about the power of mindset, visioning and success. With her background in professional development and skills in public speaking, Debbi can help you use your brain’s full capacity to reveal your individual dreams, discover your “whys” and accomplish your personal destiny.

Date: May 13th

Our Guest speaker will be Lana Hodgins of Beautiful Empowered You. Based out of Woodstock Ontario, Beautiful Empowered You! provides One on One Personal Empowerment Sessions, Funshops and Clubs for kids who could use some extra help with confidence, anxiety, healthy relationships and so much more! Join us as Lana brings her playful nature to us and how it can help us in our business!

Date: June 10th

Information Coming Soon.

Our Year in Review

We’ve had a wonderful year Walking With Women and wanted to share some of our favourite highlights from 2019.

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