It was a 1980's Summer

Tales of a 1980’s Summer

I feel like I just went through a major summer growth spurt. I used to think of growing up as this thing you did once. You know… you get taller, then you stop growing.

You get more responsibility when you grow up:

  • later bed times
  • you get to choose dessert before dinner
  • you learn to drive
  • you get a car
  • you get a job
  • you buy a house
  • you have kids

And … viola you are grown up

Well, I am all grown up in those terms and yet suddenly I am aware that despite my initial perception of growth, true growth is constant if we allow it.

Every growth spurt that we endure is a learning curve that acts as a stepping stone to the next major shift.

This was a 1980’s summer. The 1980’s for me were about innocence, wonder, unknowns, waking with the sun and sleeping with the stars, but not before some marshmallows, full moon gazing and firefly spotting.

Craving a 1980’s vibe this summer had me drop to a 4 day work week. I spent way more time outside and I took more vacation with my family. This slowing down gave me room to grow again. This space allowed me to foster some beautiful memories and deeper connections.

As a mom, I feel I missed out by having my son in full time daycare. I missed his first steps, I missed his first words, I missed the snuggles and I missed the opportunity to hold space for the meltdowns. I was blessed to have him in a beautiful daycare that kept me very involved in his growth, but I was always busy.

This summer, slowing down my work week and taking more responsibility for my child’s learning, I felt my bond with my son grow. I really stepped into presence with my son as I began taking him and his two friends into Nature. This chance to be at their level and share my love of the Earth enabled them to teach me to grow.

It was them who taught me to ask more questions, to use more imagination, and to slow down. In these precious moments, I realized that I am not just a mom to my son, I am a mom to everyone one of the Creator’s children. This has profoundly changed my view of my soulful path.

I believed my soulful path was to build an Army of Light. I believed it was up to me to help women heal from within, to guide them back to a place of feeling whole and empowered.

I believed that this was more important than being a parent. I felt it was my job to make sure all the parents were healing and someone else who was whole could raise my son.

That all shifted for me this summer. As I spent time with the children, I innately knew this was my soul path. Although I had been walking close, and although women are part of the healing for children, my soul path is to be here to teach the children how to stay resilient as the fires of society burn old systems to the ground around us.

My soul path is to act as the Knowledge Keeper, my gift from the Creator, and share the knowledge of regeneration with the children.

Love always holds the answers.

I had to love myself enough to trust this growth.
I had to engage in self care by holding space for my major emotions, breakdowns, and breakthroughs.
I had to rest and play with the children.
I had to sing songs, watch the moon, eat marshmallows and spot fireflies.

I had to love myself first, so that I could love my community and so that I could honour the love that the Creator bestowed within me.

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