systemic change

Many of our systems are showing their cracks in our current reality.

A system is something that ranges from the legal or justice system to capitalism, racism, and any “ism”, really.

It can feel daunting looking at the complexity of a system and wondering how to change it or make a difference, but there are organizations taking that work out for you!

YOU need to WANT to make a difference, be open to learning and listening and then use your actions, words, and dollars to support the changes. This is where Systemic Change begins.

Systemic Change is just one of the categories that I take into consideration with regards to my purchase decisions. Please refer to my Sustainable and Ethical Shopping Guide to learn of other important and impactful aspects that can guide your shopping choices. 

There are organizations with a powerful mandate! Many of them strive to help educate on Social Systems and what needs to change. These organizations often highlight ways to support communities affected by social injustice. Sometimes it’s people of privilege and sometimes people first-handedly affected by social injustice that form organizations committed to making a difference.

If you can’t find a product or service that you need that is in one of these categories you may find someone you need offering yoga or art classes that gives back to the community through a recognized charity. This can very much be a step in helping with systemic change by ensuring privilege helps to break the cycle of racism and narrow the gap of the marginalized populations.

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