After more than 10 years of international work, Tawny has a deep passion for leading people into the physical and spiritual realms of human experience.

Spiritual Coaching Call

~ 1 hour $110
~ 45 minutes $65
A holistic approach to life drawing on yoga, meditation, reiki, nutrition, and plant medicine to help you connect to your mind, body and soul and living your best life.

As a certified life coach (or Tour Of-The-Soul Guide™), I help people reconnect to their soul’s purpose and desires. I support you on your journey of self-exploration and gaining direction.

Individual Yoga Coaching

~ 1 hour $65
New to yoga? Experienced in yoga but have an injury that requires accommodations or healing? Receive 1:1 Yoga Coaching to get you on track and moving in the best direction for you and your body.

1:1 Spiritual Card Reading {Online}

~ 45 minutes $65
Receive intuitive messages that are channeled specifically for you in an in person online setting. An opportunity for you to ask deeper questions around the cards that come up and dive into the wisdom channeled for you.

Personalized 3-Card Reading

~ Emailed Audio File $17
Receive intuitive messages that are channeled specifically for you in an Audio Recording sent to you via email. Three cards will be pulled, read and information will be channeled for you.

Online Beyond Yoga & Meditation Membership $22/month

You will receive monthly unlimited access to content including a variety of yoga and meditation classes, as well as additional content to pique your curiosity and nourish your mind, body and soul.

Pathway to Courage E-Course $97

Join me in this 3 month self-guided Pathway to Courage course. Explore tools to help you heal from within, and to feel connected to who you really are through your mind, body and soul to live your best life.

Whole Body Intuitive Scan $222

Based on the healing modality Medical Intuition by Caroline Myss, a Whole Body Intuitive Scan is an energetic healing modality designed to illuminate ways to restore optimal flow to your mind-body-soul.

Our bodies are designed to have a constant flow of energy. As we go through life, emotions from our experiences can become stuck, or rather take an energetic hold, and become lodged into areas of our body thus causing an energetic disruption and restricting the body’s natural energy flow.

A Whole Body Intuitive Scan aims to uncover what emotions may be causing the disruption to an optimal energy flow, and what part of the body the emotion is associated with. In uncovering emotions and areas that are disrupted, you can bring conscious awareness to patterns or feelings and restore energy to the uncovered areas to achieve a sense of feeling whole.

Working with my intuition, after gaining your consent in writing, I begin to scan your body. I feel in my own body areas that call my attention, and listen for songs, sounds, names, and images that seem to be explaining what emotion is in that area of the body. I take the time to go through each area of the body that calls my attention and write a report to discuss what I have sensed. My intuition speaks in metaphors, so together we try to discover what they mean to you as we go over the physical locations where energy feels disrupted.

A Whole Body Scan is only complete once we connect on a video call to go through the findings together. Many times while we are talking I will channel more information intuitively and add more to your written report. The written report will include the areas of the body that I sense an energetic disruption as well as the information describing the emotion it may be connected to.

Energy does NOT always manifest physically. The report will also have tangible recommendations targeted to help bring your mind, body, and soul into deeper soulful alignment therefore giving you the space to live your best life.
Email me to learn more or to sign up.