Retrogrades 2019

I took some time to marvel at the cosmos on June 30th and the line-up the universe has in store to help us with great change! I learn best from looking at situations where I can feel these sensations, so here is my breakdown on the 2019 retrogrades and each planet and how it’s affecting me in my life.

July 2 Total Solar Eclipse 

  • Here to help us get back on track and directly related to changes around January 2019
  • Pause, accept, change course, shift into destiny
  • Being “right” vs acceptance 
  • Letting go and starting over

The end of 2018 and early 2019 had me finishing up the training of Reiki, Hot Stone Massage, and really step into teaching. I was holding group classes once a night and really doing a lot of yoga in my own body. I was committed to my health and my business with vigor. In January specifically, I took a training that I ended up withdrawing from. The training wasn’t landing for me and it was the first time I began to question my role in taking training versus stepping into the teacher within me. This piece around teaching has surfaced several times for me and I launched my first Solstice gathering that really had me in a part of myself I adore, facilitating, connecting, hosting, and teaching. I feel this solar eclipse is asking me to get more into the role of teacher and leader.

New Moon Cancer

  • Time to shake loose stagnant or stuck or sticky parts of self, where are we needing to stay more open but feeling restricted?
  • Cancer governs the family and nurturing so, where is that surfacing for you?
  • Cancer governs the home, are we slowing down and taking care of the home that is our body through self-care?
  • New moons set an intention to open doors and be open to receive

This new moon hit me hard in the family. My mom is a Cancer sign and her health has taken large shifts on a winding journey. I have a very small family but this eclipse new moon has begun to show me the relationships that I have are becoming my new soul family and illuminating which relationships deserve nurturing. I have also become aware that my role is to help nurture soul families and I must spend more time into understanding matriarchal leadership and how to embody this and hold space for deeper soul families to bond. 

Jupiter Retrograde March 8 – July 10  (Happens Once A Year)

Jupiter is all about expansion, breaking free, and revelation. When I think of this planet I can’t help but hear Freddy Mercury singing “ I want to break free”! To me, this planet is near and dear for it is the ruler of my sun sign Sagittarius. I am one who often is able to take risks, ask questions, and think big so when this planet goes retrograde it takes some of my lusters away. With that being said, this retrograde has caused me to slow down in a way to explore where I have been leaping too fast and how that in itself may hold me back. It caused my attention to start directing towards which desire to expand with. This planet is designed to help us push past limiting fears and even a Sagittarius like me has fears, plenty actually. I have been using the energy of this planet to evaluate what I believe in, what has been holding me back, and what fears am I ready to transcend.

SATURN April 17-Sept 6 (Happens Once A Year)

This planet when it goes retrograde is all about defining boundaries, discipline, routine and limitations. I have to be honest, Saturn is my toughest teacher! Saturn and I have just come out of a personal cycle of learning and as always, it has been intense. I struggle with routine and consistency and Saturn knows it!  This planet in retrograde is trying to teach us to face our responsibilities straight on. It gives us the opportunity to revisit the past and the present and own our mistakes and it actually helps to have the courage to rise above those mistakes and release karmic ties through owning our responsibility. This is an amazing opportunity for us to build a new foundation where we hold uncomfortable conversations and build relationships on courage, trust, and compassion. This energy helps us to forgive others and ourselves.

This planet has hit the hardest at home with my son. I am learning the areas I really lack boundaries and exploring the difference between expectations and boundaries every day. This illumination sparks loads of self-doubt as a parent but it also surfaces areas from my childhood that need healing and compassion.

PLUTO April 22 – Sept 30 (Happens Once A Year)

This is a small but mighty planet when it comes to all things deep within. This planet helps to go inward, to explore the darkness, and especially encourages us to spend time with the shadow side of ourselves.  Pluto encourages to let all sides of us be seen, that shadow is meant to be seen and explored, and aids us in sweet transformation by embracing the mystery of ourselves.

I have been working with Pluto to go deep into my 3 and 7-year-old self. I have been exploring who I was and really looking deep into my strengths and perceived weaknesses. Somedays this journey is frightening and other moments it is blissfully illuminating. I see a lot of my shadow in parenting and it has been where the majority of my focus seems drawn. I feel myself embracing the dark and as I do I can feel my great grandmothers healing too!

NEPTUNE June 18 – November 24th (Once a Year)

I find it fascinating that this planet is retrograde with Pluto because for me Pluto stirs up the dark and then Neptune carries it away. I find both of these planets to be full of dark water like energy. Neptune may feel dark to me but in the darkness, I feel swirls of creativity. While Pluto makes me go deep Neptune refuses to allow me to simply escape or to use logic and ensures I feel my way through all parts. Neptune helps us to release reality by releasing logic and making way for our true possibilities. Neptune offers us the opportunity to truly embrace and explore the rebirthing possibilities of the cosmos.

As I work with these planets June has become very intense. Every aspect of my life as a mother, a daughter, a friend, a colleague, a contract all comes to the surface. Linear time has lost all of its meaning and I am swirling in the flow of Neptune’s dreams. I am more creative now than I have been in years really feeling into who I am and how that can create possibilities for a resilient future. It has inspired me to think bigger, dream bigger, and trust that we are all a part of something much bigger than my limited mind can fathom.

MARS June 26- Aug 27 (Every 26 months)

Well, this planet is all our primal drives and desires and man has it Zapped my energy! On one hand, it’s easy to be angry at this feeling of lack of zest but truly without this planet slowing me down, I couldn’t fully benefit from the softer more introspective pull of Neptune or Pluto. Mars does govern our raw emotions, and so mine and perhaps yours, have been exposed like a live wire! This planet asks us to become conscious of anger, angst and ill well and not to stifle but to acknowledge and move through them.  Mars always delays us getting what we want because it wants us to reflect on how we achieve things and actualize our goals. If confidence is shaky at the moment, you can truthfully look to mars for that!

I have noticed Mars has insistently insured as of the first week of July I REST! A typically gifted shaker and mover things have come to a halt. My clients have booked vacations, my practice has stopped growing and there is no care for my son in evenings or weekends ensuring I am home with my family. I have found myself doubting my services, doubting my abilities, doubting my direction, and unsure of what to do with myself! Did I mention lack of confidence? I am certain that I have been held back because its time I work with the other planets to truly discover what is it I want? What truly brings me joy? At what cost and I am achieving all of this?

MERCURY July 7- July 31 (Three Times a Year)

The big daddy, the trickster, the big breaker of communication and the ruler of logistics! Yes, Mercury does all of these things but his real beauty is in his ask of us to evaluate where we are at. Mercury doesn’t come three times a year to send us into a tailspin (although that happens sometimes), he comes to help us evaluate what we are taking on and with whom. Mercury slows things down for us so we can evaluate relationships and projects. His influence asks us to look at what no longer works and courageously end it, to return or revisit projects or relationships that require us to repair or nurture and to hold off until we have a few loose ends under wraps before we begin something new.

Mercury and I do a dance. Sometimes he catches me knew deep in frayed ends and other times I just smile and greet him like an old friend. This month I knew he was coming and as I feel him now fully present I know what he is asking of me. I am spending time the next two weeks to comb through my business. What parts of my model are working, what isn’t. What needs to shift to sustain my family and what needs to be revisited. These are all on the table for me as I tore a paper from a giant coloring book to use as a literal roadmap. 


Well, we are in the thick of retrogrades and each has an immense opportunity for us to practice the subtle art of balance. We are being called by mercury and mars to slow down. As we slow down we are asked to let go of logic, nurture dreams, and explore reality from compassion by Neptune. While we explore compassion we can start by turning towards our shadow self as Pluto helps us explore who we really are, who do we want to be? To ensure these emotions and larger than life thoughts get some assistance Jupiter is around to help us break past the limiting my mind and dream even bigger. Saturn is in check to ensure we remain responsible for all of who were and all of who we want to be. This is a season of birth, death, and rebirth, and the cosmos is here to support our ascension journey!

Nurturing Curiosity,


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