Sacred Union Tea


Ingredients:  Chaste Berry (Vitex Berry), Damiana, Cinnamon, Clove, Cocoa Nib, Kola Nut, Rose Petal, Passion Flower

Flavour Profile: Light spicy flavour, with notes of chocolate and clove

Corresponding Chakras: 2nd Chakra, 4th Chakra, 7th Chakra

“Sacred Union tea is a unique herbal blend that is formulated to alchemize love, power, and wisdom into the perfect union.  It is the coming together of our masculine and feminine into peace, harmony and true equal partnership.  Fusing Spiritual Love with sexuality, it allows forgivness toward the masculine by the feminine and the surrender of abusive masculine power over the feminine.  It sees us integrating two dysfunctional and co-dependent parts of ourselves into a dynamic of mutual empowerment.  This tea is true ‘healing into wholeness’.  When we merge these dual parts of ourselves there is no separation between heaven and earth; we become ONE with all that is.  Steep at least three minutes to enjoy the full benifits of this tea’s healing qualities and return home to the Beloved within!” – Senses Of The Soul

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