Healthy Boundaries Tea


Ingredients: Mullein Leaf, Yarrow, Goldenrod, Rose Hips

Flavour Profile: Earthy, bitter taste, the yarrow comes through strong, with a soft sweet undertone.  The tea needs to be bitter to reset us because when we are too sweet in our personality we have poor boundaries.

Corresponding Chakras: 4th Chakra, 6th Chakra

“The Healthy Boundaries Tea bolsters the Immune System providing protection from parasitic energies. This Immune strengthening tea creates personal barriers, allowing you to have healthy relationships with others. When you are feeling tired and run down, this opens you up to parasitic beings, pulling you away from your Higher Self. People with lower vibrations will continue to latch on to you and suck you dry, further weakening your immunity. Healthy Boundaries Tea blocks Energetic and Etheric* parasites, safeguarding you from their vampiric tendencies. Those suffering from prolonged low immunity tend to have poor self-esteem, they feel they are not worth the fight for Self and thereby allow those around them to run rickshaw over them. Absorb the teas healing energy and begin forming your defenses; bring balance back into your life again. Also useful for fever and flu symptoms.” – Senses Of The Soul

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