(Evening) Walking With Women | Monthly


Walking With Women is a group designed for women to connect, inspire, grow, and support! We meet monthly to share our goals, report on progress and support each other with ideas.

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January 15
February 12
March 11
April 15
May 13
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Join us on the Journey of connecting and empowering women through nourishing, transformative, and engaging collaborations.

This is a group for DRIVEN employees, goal-driven moms, or entrepreneurs. If you manage a team, a product line, a family, or own your own businesses we can keep you accountable for your growth! Each month we hold space for women to connect, inspire, grow and support! We meet in the evening the middle Wednesday of the month to share our goals, report on progress and support each other with ideas.

* a guest speaker to keep us growing and exploring local wisdom
* a swag table set up for networking and showcasing YOU
* a local catered meal
*accountability round robin on what our goals were and what is working or needs improvement
* a mastermind session in small groups to help problem solve and propel our business!

We begin at 6 PM sharp, so please arrive with enough time to place items on the swag table and take a seat. We will have a small selection of light snacks and tea and coffee available.
All primed up we will then break into business groups getting to know each other and engaging in mastermind groups to help idea share and solution solve for our fellow colleagues.  This is like a group coaching session where we idea share and help each other grow! We will have time to share our goals and recap on what worked and needs improvement from our goals the month before.
Two and half hours goes very quickly so come prepared to ask for help, engage in conversation and support other women in the community. Have a look back on where you have come the past few months so we can look at what is working and what may need to shift!
The cost is $60 which includes snacks and a beverage. There is NO membership fee to join this group, you simply pay when you can attend!


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January 15, February 12, March 11, April 15, May 13, June 10, 3 Month Pass, 6 Month Pass, 10 Month Pass