Lomi Lomi Massage

Experience a professional Lomi Lomi massage, the ultimate in self-care!

What is Lomi Lomi Massage?

60 Minutes – $130 | 90 Minutes – $155

Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian massage that was only taught to families of Hawaii until the 1970’s. Since then, a select few teachers have stepped up to share this spiritual technique which is now practiced worldwide. This massage is based on a Hawaiian concept of “Aloha”, which means love, unification and breath, and promotes personal harmony. With each massage, the intention is always love and a connection is made together to honour the body with loving hands.

*For first time appointments, arrive 10 minutes early to complete health intake.

 Please allow 30 minutes after the massage to fully settle into the cleansing effects of this technique and ground before leaving the studio.

All cancellations require 72 hours notice to avoid a $65 fee.

Book Your Lomi Lomi Massage Appointment!

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What You Should Know About Lomi Lomi Massages

In the Lomi Lomi massage, more of your body is uncovered during the massage than during a typical Swedish or deep tissue massage. That’s because this is a non linear technique meaning it relies on large, long circular sweeping movements. The massage is done in a rhythm that is akin to the waves of the ocean and helps to  confuse the mind into surrender by never knowing where the movement will go next.  When the mind relaxes, the emotional and soul bodies are welcomed into the healing process  releasing tension in the spiritual, energetic, and physical bodies equally.

Heavy emotions, stress and burdens may create emotional knots and physical knots as well.  Lomi Lomi releases these emotional knots in a safe, supporting and nurturing environment while relaxing muscles and promoting circulation.

Benefits of Lomi Lomi

Many of the physical benefits of the Lomi Lomi massage are similar to other forms of massage. You will experience the relaxing of muscles, promoting your circulation, and the releasing of blocked energy. The main difference of this technique lies in the Hawaiian traditions that have been woven into this massage, including the belief that loving hands will help you to release not only your physical tension but also your emotional and spiritual blockages.

What Should I Note Before Booking An Appointment?

Massages are great for relaxation or relief from a wide variety of ailments, but please take note of when this type of therapy is appropriate before making an appointment:

  • If you have breaks in the skin, recent bruising, cuts, scrapes, sunburned skin or varicose veins, please avoid this type of massage therapy until those injuries have healed. The hot stones increase the risk of further tissue damage or injury.
  • While we keep all our equipment sanitary, please avoid massage therapy if you have a cold or flu. Hot stone massages are inappropriate for clients suffering from a fever, as they can have difficulty regulating their body temperature. Please wait until after your illness has passed to make an appointment.
  • Diabetes can affect how well blood vessels and nerves function in the feet and fingers. Diabetic clients might be unable to feel if an injury, like a burn, occurs in these extremities. If you have diabetes, please inform your massage therapist

Our massages are tailored to women only however we are happy to refer all gentlemen to a suitable massage therapist.