Live Like A Tourist

“If you think travel is dangerous, try routine.   It’s lethal!” – Paulo Coelho

People always knock tourists and tourist attractions in their hometown. Oftentimes, we complain about them because they are going too slow, blocking our way, or cause our neighbourhoods to become extra busy at a certain time of year. What if we delved into the other aspects of being a tourist and explored why each of us–at least once a week–should stop and get our best tourist on?

There are a few different ways to travel: there’s independent travel, or using a travel agent. You may choose to have a guided tour, navigate yourself or opt for all meals included, versus trying to fend for yourself! Some trips have a slow pace, while others are a fast-paced rush to see as much as you can. No matter how you decide to book a vacation or whatever the style of your trip, there is some magical transformation that happens when we become a tourist: we slow down, we look for ways to be present and we get out of our comfort zone of “normal” routine.

To live like a tourist is to forget about bills, leave the cell phone turned off in a hotel room, take scenic routes everywhere, stop to see waterfalls, notice the flora and fauna, step outside of your known limits, and lastly, to take as many photos as possible. When on vacation, diets find leniency and taste buds are offered the potential to expand. These mini-bursts of change afford us an opportunity to evaluate our patterns that we’ve left behind and to discover which of what we are doing right now brings us true joy.

It can be tough to save enough funds to go on holiday (something, as your coach, I can help shift); however, nearly every large city has several listed tourist attractions which, for most people, land right in your own backyard. So, what do you say about buying a disposable camera (leave the phone behind, just for a day) and travelling somewhere you have never been? How about budgeting some time to see something or somewhere you always pass by, through the lens of a tourist? Taking the opportunity to “live like a tourist” can also be a metaphor for the journey to look within: you just might find new ways to look at Self and discover more about who you are–and who you are not–all under the guise of being a tourist.