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Learning From Experience!

There are so many moments in my life I can look back on now and truly embrace how extraordinary they were. At the moment, I was simply saying yes or no, but the ripple effect of those words can be felt for a lifetime.

When I was 19 I said yes to getting married. The relationship was turbulent at the best of times but I was young and desperate for love marriage made sense. I leaped all in and I did it my way, in Las Vegas, in the desert summer heat, and in 20 minutes! The marriage didn’t last but the learning and experience have never left me!

During that marriage, a poster of Rarotonga hung on our wall, right over our couch in various apartments. The azure blue of the ocean, the rocky shore were all things I had never seen and they conjured ideas of pirates, mystery, stowe-aways (pun intended), and adventure! Although the marriage ended the image never faded from my mind and seven years later I said YES to a nonrefundable ticket to New Zealand.

Where Decisions Led In Life

New Zealand was a disaster. I packed too much, I knew nothing about travel, I ran out of money, and I destroyed friendships. Through all of that I discovered a bit more about who I was and who I wanted to be, I learned my ability to cope in strange places, and discovered the will to survive is the strongest will in our body.

I had to leave New Zealand because I had made mistakes and I needed to regroup. I did get to my beloved Rarotonga, and Bali, and I toured both Islands of New Zealand and so tail in hand I headed home. When I got home I got back into the moment, I lived and said yes and no with fervor. Each move took me in different directions and eventually I landed back at a nonrefundable ticket to Australia.

New Zealand was not a waste, I learned, and in OZ I lasted two years. I traveled from coast to coast, I packed light, I thrived, I made money, and I pushed myself to limits I never knew I had. As a backpacker carrying everything I owned, yes or no came with ease. Day in and day out I checked in with how I was feeling and I simply acted. I can say I didn’t always act from the best part of me, but I lived in the moment day in and day out.

People often ask me how am I able to make decisions with such ease. It’s not that I don’t care, I most certainly do, and like most people, I can have remorse after making a quick decision. The biggest reason I am able to simply act with a yes or no is because I have practiced. Over and over again I have taken the risk and made a choice, and accepted the consequences. This may not have made my life easy but it sure has made it colorful! When I turn up in front of clients I meet them with compassion, with understanding, and with real life experience and that is what helps me connect with their soul and together enables us to achieve whole healing.

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