grandmother moon

Listening to Grandmother Moon

I hear the beating of the drum. It catches my attention and shifts my gaze to the moon. The moon is beckoning me to embody her magic. Grandmother moon guides me to a patch on the Earth nestled by the fire. I curl into a ball and comfortably gaze at her as she rests above the water. I see her twice, I see her in her place in the sky and I see her reflection, both are breathtaking.

I close my eyes and I listen to Grandmother Moon.

The wisdom flows like mist and yet I am warm. I feel my body come alive anticipating magic. I know a shift is imminent, my heightened senses tell me so.

Suddenly I am told to open my eyes. Logic intervenes and says keep them shut, stay inward and the Moon calls louder, “OPEN YOUR EYES”. Afraid of losing my symbolic sight, I hesitate a while longer before surrendering to the message and gently opening my eyes. I see her now. I see Grandmother again and she smiles at me. “Yes child”, she says, “Yes, LISTEN. WATCH. GROW”.

I watch her peacefully trusting that the mere sight of her is blessing enough.
I am enough, I have enough.

As these peaceful feelings release expectations, the magic begins. I find myself staring at Grandmother moon only to discover two of her. I see the dimensions spit and the two moons that are one Truth. Grandmother Moon whispers, “play…and I do”. With her guidance, I learn to hold one Moon steady and place the other one in the trees. Magic. I panic for a moment that I will be cross-eyed permanently if I play this game. I look to Grandmother for reassurance.

Whose voice was that warning?
Do I need to heed it?
Is it a truth for me?

I let the voice go and continue to play. As I blink, I expect to lose the magic, it stays. I am humbled.

As I reflect on the magic, certain this was my only needed gift tonight, I am whisked away.

I kayak across the great waters to the portal. I meet the darkness. Raven and I bow at one another and I confidently tell him I am no longer afraid. He lowers himself and I climb aboard. We fly in the dark. Here in the darkness, five animals become me and I become them. I am exhilarated by each of their movements.

As Raven takes me back towards the portal I return to human shape and dismount. We hug, I bury my face in his soft black feathers and give thanks. I transverse back to the Earthly realm with ease, I am meant to be here. I know this now and it is easy to return. I kayak back away from the portal and winking to Grandmother moon as I return to land.

Sitting on the Earth, I feel Coyote’s presence. He has been watching my every move and he is smiling at the use of mind tricks. I smile back. I feel him watching from behind and yet know it is safe to turn my back on him, and I do. The fire warms my earthly body and brings me back to my soulful path here on Earth.

I revel in the hovering balance of dark and light.

As morning comes, I am still aware of the portal that is open.

I drive into clouds of fog and mists and am particularly drawn to the space between the Earth and the fog, a gap, a dimension. Something takes shape; a sacred pattern. A rush of energy flows through me as I see all of the souls choosing to be born. The line up is huge and there are many ready to come now and see through the Golden Age. This fills me with a sense of hope.

As I smile at the line of them they send my attention back to the sacred shape, back to the space between dimension, and a vision of water appears. The children show me they are rainbow children but not rainbows in the skies, rainbows in the water. This feels profound, I know innately a rainbow is water and light but this is different. This is almost as if the rainbow is pure water. The souls waiting up in Akasha to be born show me they are Water Warriors, Rainbow Water beings.

I am intensely lit up.

I feel the tears of hope and joy within me brew and bubble. I have felt the impending storms. I am empathic, I know the next decade will be tough and wrought with fire. I know this to be my truth because Fireweed chose me. I am one with Fireweed, my soul is here to act as fireweed.

My path on Earth is to create a container for regeneration to thrive as the fires rage destroying the old world around us. We will require strong foundations in this container and there may be some loss to fire, but we will rebuild again and again.

I am here to hold that container so that the Rainbow Water Warriors have room to grow and rise into the leaders of the true Golden Age. At times I am daunted by the magnanimity of this mission or path and am always led back to nature.

I wonder how one plant can save a forest, and then I am reminded it can.
I am reminded of the strength in strong roots and in communities of trees.
I am reminded that a Forest is not built in a day, an old growth forest is built over time.

I have time.
I am time.
I transcend time.

Time is an illusion and it is mine to play with as I choose. I choose to mimic nature and hold space for the emergence and surthrival of the Rainbow Water Warriors.

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