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After more than 10 years of international work, Tawny has a deep passion for leading people into the physical and spiritual realms of human experience.

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As a life coach (or, “Tour Of-The-Soul Guide™ “), I help people re-connect to their soul’s purpose and desires. I prefer the term Tour Of-The-Soul Guide™ over “Life Coach” because I am not coaching you through your life–I am supporting you on your journey of self-exploration and gaining direction in your life, helping to guide you into a remembering process of the answers within.

A tour guide, as you probably know, is someone who takes people on trips through an area and explains interesting details about it. I have an inner gift that enables me to lead people into unexplored territory with safety, comfort, and a sense of belonging. Being an Empathic Telepath, I can go beyond the physical 3D, and really tap into each individual’s needs. Together we will go into a journey of self exploration, and uncover your soul’s passion and purpose. Together we will explore how to accentuate your strengths, and how to turn your dreams, visions, and goals into your current reality!

  • Feeling stuck in life or business?
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  • Do you need help finding balance?
  • Life decisions hard to make?

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