Hot Stone Massage

Experience a professional therapeutic hot stone massage. Start healing today!

Feel your muscles relax and your stress melt away with the warm soothing heat of ancient basalt stones.

60 Minutes – $99 | 90 Minutes – $130

Hot stone massages can increase circulation and alleviate pain, and these carefully chosen stones have a beautiful weight and warmth that give you a decadent experience.

Tawny uses the healing of hot stones placed strategically at points of tension, chakras, in your palms, and between toes to bring you a personalized healing experience.

When you book with Tawny Stowe, you also receive the following benefits:

  • Use of massage oil that is customized for you with an essential oil blend
  • Assistance, through Tawny’s empathic gifts and skills with Reiki and medical intuition, with dissolving energetic blocks while the hot stones are dissolving physical tension.

*For first time appointments, arrive 10 minutes early to complete health intake.

All cancellations require 72 hours notice to avoid a $65 fee.

Book Your Hot Stone Massage Appointment!

If you’re ready to feel the therapeutic benefits of a hot stone massage, make an appointment with Tawny Stowe. Along with the hot basalt stones, she customizes a massage oil made with an essential oil blend for you. Tawny adds her empathic gifts and skills with Reiki and medical intuition to dissolve energetic blocks while the hot stones dissolve your physical tension. She even offers Mobile Spa services to clients in the City of London.

What Are The Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage?

One of the most notable benefits of hot stone massage is relaxation. Massage therapy is known to be an excellent stress reliever, soothing the nerves and reducing tension. Your body can relax more readily when it is free of stress, pain, and toxins. The relaxation one feels after a hot stone massage helps the mind slip into a much deeper, more restful sleep.

Researchers have specifically associated hot stone massages with symptom relief from arthritis, autoimmune disorders like fibromyalgia, and other painful ailments. Several studies related to rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia have linked hot stone massage to lower levels of pain and improved range of motion. The contrasting cold stones may relieve inflammation, and depending on your symptoms, the masseuse may alternate hot and cold stones during the massage.

A hot stone massage is very effective at releasing toxins from the muscles. Manual massages do this too, but the addition of heat increases blood flow. Drinking plenty of water after your massage flushes these toxins out of the body and gives the immune system a much-needed boost.

How Hot Stone Massage Works

In hot stone massages, the masseuse places the basalt stones along the spine, as well as on the stomach, chest, face, palms, feet and toes (depending on the condition). The strategic placement helps the client both relax and find relief from a variety of ailments that cause pain and reduce mobility.

The masseuse may hold the lava stones as they give the client a full-body massage treatment. They use the hot stones to make long strokes and circular movements on the body, as well as tapping and kneading where appropriate. Even if the hot stones are not used in this manner, the therapy includes full body massage to provide an effective healing treatment. A full massage takes about 90 minutes.

What Does The Heat Do?

Hot stones therapy works by expanding blood vessels and encouraging blood flow throughout the body. This increase in blood supply to sensitive areas eases muscle tension and pain. It may also reduce muscle spasms and increase flexibility and range of motion. The hot stones also have a sedative effect that can provide relief from chronic pain while reducing stress, promoting deep relaxation, and removing toxins from the muscles.

Depending on the reason for the massage therapy, cold stones are also used during the treatment. The colder temperature can calm blood vessels engorged by the lava stones and soothe the skin following the intense heat.

What Should I Note Before Booking An Appointment?

Hot stone massages are great for relaxation or relief from a wide variety of ailments, but please take note of when this type of therapy is appropriate before making an appointment:

  • If you have breaks in the skin, recent bruising, cuts, scrapes, sunburned skin or varicose veins, please avoid this type of massage therapy until those injuries have healed. The hot stones increase the risk of further tissue damage or injury.
  • While we keep all our equipment sanitary, please avoid massage therapy if you have a cold or flu. Hot stone massages are inappropriate for clients suffering from a fever, as they can have difficulty regulating their body temperature. Please wait until after your illness has passed to make an appointment.
  • Diabetes can affect how well blood vessels and nerves function in the feet and fingers. Diabetic clients might be unable to feel if an injury, like a burn, occurs in these extremities. If you have diabetes, please inform your massage therapist

Only women are allowed booking massages due to previous issues and concerns.