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Yoga has been proven to assist mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Start healing today!

Group Yoga Pricing

Individual Group Yoga Sessions

60 minutes – $15 | 90 minutes – $20

10 Class Package Of Yoga (60 Minute Sessions)

10 passes of 60 minutes or 90 minutes

Our Yoga Class Instructors


Allow your body to experience a deep rest and energy reset with this 90 minute practice. Using props, gentle instructions and personalized support, you will be guided through different poses that will restore your nervous system and allow your body to heal and return to balance. This class is suitable for everyone who could use some rejuvenation.

Class Dates:

Thursday – Book Now!

I am an RYT200 and have practiced yoga for years. I have been teaching yoga since 2017.  To me, yoga is so much more than a series of poses.  It has had profound effects on my mental well-being, my flexibility both on and off my mat and is a very spiritual practice.  It’s a place where I can truly be myself and love myself as I am in that moment.  I am blessed to be able to experience and share this with others.” – Michelle Meszaros


I teach slow flow classes. They are hatha based, alignment oriented, and designed to build strength and flexibility with a strong emphasis on bringing the mind, body, and soul connection together. I love bringing in pranayama (breath practices), mudra’s (hand yoga) and self awakening yoga (very interesting and benefiting, ask me more in person) into my classes to enhance your experience and your well being. I strive to bring a beautiful balance of centering, work, and play.

Class Dates:

Tuesday & Sunday – Book Now!

“My mother’s yoga book from the 70’s intrigued me as a teenager, then a bicycle accident at 20 left me in pain for years, causing me to believe Yoga was gone from my life forever. My first re-introduction to yoga came from an unexpected teacher, my chiropractor. With an innate understanding of the body and my injury, my chiropractor guided me back to yoga with modifications and strengthening, showing me I could begin to enjoy yoga again. I continued on with yoga, meeting my second teacher who’s classes made me fall in love with yoga and the idea of teaching. Having always been passionate about health and wellness, as well as being a spiritual person, drew me to yoga. Having experience pain and limited mobility further fuelled me into experiencing and sharing all that yoga can do for us. I completed my teacher training with Deva Tree here in London with the most powerful and loving teachers. Their wisdom and guidance will forever be in my heart and my practice. Taking their wisdom and my passion, I now share this beautiful practice with my students and my one on one sessions.” – Amanda Gifford


Through yoga classes, participants learn that there are many layers to life and the Self, and are encouraged to find an expression that suits their body, both on and off the mat. I work with yoga to help my clients go inward, slow down the “fight or flight” response, and to move through their feelings from the seat of the observer, rather than the judge.

Class Dates:

Monday, Tuesday, & Friday – Book Now!

“I have 200 hours of teacher training, 100 hours of HeartRise Children’s training, and 50 hours of Subtle Energy Training with Deva Tree School of Yoga. I have an additional 30 hours of training in Facial Release with Brenda Dowell. I offer Hatha, or Restorative 60 or 90 minute classes, in both a group setting, or for one-on-one sessions. All of my classes are suitable for all shapes, sizes, and levels, and are able to be a blend of styles for your comfort and enjoyment. For me, yoga is all about looking deeply inward to enact healing, and I love how it allows just about everyone to experience this exploration.” – Tawny Stowe


Discover the self healing benefits of meditation. Each week you will be lead through light stretching, pranayama (breath practice), sound (mantra or chanting), a mindfulness or concentrative meditation practice followed by space to reflect. Journaling welcomed and encouraged. This class is geared towards anyone needing release from our highly stimulating world and all are welcome with no experience needed.

Class Date:

Thursday @ 5:30pm – Book Now!

“My hope is to share my love of yoga with others. Giving them the community, support, and skills needed to grow in their own yoga practice developing union between the mind, body and soul.”

Frequently Asked Yoga Booking Questions

Have a group of 3-12 people who want weekday daytime yoga classes with a spiritual flair?

Contact me to arrange times and class sizes!

No interest? Troubles With Payment?

In house payment plans available. Services are non-refundable. All appointments require 72 hours notice of cancellation, or are subject to a $65 cancellation fee.

Considering committing to a yoga practice, or have long term goals but unsure whether we are a good fit?

I encourage all participants to take a single session at full price, and if you decide to commit to a package the cost of that day’s session will be deducted from the package.