Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions about any of the services offered, please feel free to send us a message.

The stones used are heated to a temperature that is safe for me to pick up with my own hands. The stones that lay flat on your back are often placed on top of layers of fabric (up to three layers thick) to control the level of heat your receive.

The stones that I use to massage are constantly moving, and I use more speed when I first touch you to help acclimatize you to the temperature. The outside edge of the rock is the coolest and will always be the part I touch you with first. You are in complete control of the speed, pressure, and temperature at all times.

No. There will never be a need for you to undress for a Reiki session ever. There are ways to do Reiki hands on, however, it can also be done above the body using symbols. As a Reiki master I can use either technique to send healing intention wherever it is needed.

No. All of my one on one yoga sessions are designed to help you find confidence in your body. We will begin slowly and discover the movements that feel right for you.

Yes. With the permission of your physician you can absolutely begin to rebuild strength through yoga and fascial stretches. We will customize the movements around your specific needs and can modify every yoga pose to match your comfort level.

This is unique to each individual. I recommend a minimum of four sessions for you to begin to see lasting changes that can then be implemented into your day to daylife and continued alone.

No. The yoga studio has everything you need to do any of the poses in a restorative class. You are more than welcome to bring your own if that is your preference.

We recommend dressing in layers as your temperature may fluctuate during this soothing session.

This is unique to each individual. After one session many people leave feeling revived and restored, however, many do not have the proper set up in their current lives to support the continuation of this state. I recommend four sessions to begin so that you can slowly make changes that support how you wish to feel.

We accept e-transfer, Visa, or MasterCard.

A Zoom call can be arranged for all coaching, medical intuition, and Reiki sessions. Yoga sessions can be done via Zoom if the client has space and their own props, however, it is not as effective as having me support your body in person. All massages and ionic boot baths must be done in person.

I travel to see corporate clients for employee workplace wellness sessions upon request. A travel fee is charged based on the distance.

I am able to be booked to preform many on-site services but I will require a fair amount of notice due to high demand. I am able to bring yoga equipment, a massage table, and ionic foot bath with me for the retreat.

A life coach will listen to where you are at present and what your goals are for the future. They will then help you generate solutions and will offer support as you not only learn new skills but also hone your current ones in order to implement your desired changes.

My job is to help identify where you may be stuck and help you take action to make changes.

No. Life coaching is not designed to help with past based issues or addictions. If these form of issues are holding you back then I can refer you to a trained and licensed professional.

Everyone implements their changes at different speeds. On average I would recommend a minimum of four sessions to start out. This will allow us time to implement lasting changes to your lifestyle so that you can reach your goals.

Many people find more benefits committing to 3-9 months when they are looking to achieve major transformations in their lives in one or more areas.

Friends make wonderful cheerleaders! My job as the coach isn’t to be your friend, it’s to be objective with no involvement or benefit in the outcomes.

It can be difficult to be objective when you are in the inner circle. A coach can provide clarity and will hold you accountable even when you may not want to hear it.

Life is ever complex and changing, especially in these modern times, and we are always seeking ways to get more out of our days. Having an accountability partner can help us to find the best version of ourselves.

As we get older we often become comfortable and are more likely to hold ourselves back from our highest potential because we are content with where we are at.

A coach can highlight areas of joy we didn’t even know we wanted until given the opportunity to dive deeper into our goals and buried desires.

It is often believed that we need to make sacrifices in order to achieve our goals. This is not necessarily true.

Usually what we need is a support team and this is where a life coach comes into play.

Outside support can help keep you focused on your tasks, free up more time for what you love, and provide valuable persoectives on your goals.

When working with a coach, set-backs or snags can be worked through together. The connection between a coach and client can generate enthusiasm and encouragement to get tasks completed.

The array unit will begin by pulling impurities out of the water and then proceed to create some colour in the water. This indicates that the array is working correctly.

There will be a difference in the shade and density of the colour when your feet are in the water.

For clients between the ages of 10 – 65 the recommendation is every other day, without exceeding 3 times per week.

For clients under 10 or over 65 the recommendation is no more than twice a week.

No. Electronic devices should not be touched while sitting in a foot bath due to the arrays current.

Yes it is safe. The array does not heat up. It will not affect your treatment if your hand or foot touches the device.

The bubbles are caused by the ionization and electrolysis process which is separating oxygen and hydrogen molecules.

Some people may experience fatigue due to the body’s detoxification process accelerating itself. This will balance itself as the body expels the toxins naturally and regenerates itself.

It can be helpful to have an Epsom salt bath and to drink lots of water. Coconut water can also help replenish electrolytes and soothe the feelings of the detoxification.

Lomilomi, or as we commonly know it as Lomi, is a Hawaiian term that refers to “pressing”, “kneading”, and “rubbing”. This word has been doubled to clarify the power of this particular message.

The word itself is much broader in meaning than the western concept of massage because it integrates healing of the mind, body, and soul.

Hawaiians have a specific view on bodywork and healing, placing focus on harmony and love.

Lomi Lomi is not only a pleasant physical experience; it is designed to promote healing on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

After becoming in tune with the client and setting an intention, a Pule (or prayer) is said for the client and for myself.

I then use long, full body strokes and rhythmical movements to massage with “Aloha”, which means “breath of life”. It is considered to be the universal life energy of love and good intent.

The Lomi Lomi practitioner is purely a channel, an instrument of the Aloha spirit. The Lomi Lomi is therefore also seen as the “loving massage”.

Our first step is to take a moment to discuss the intention of the massage. We figure out what your mind and body needs. Once we know this we can start the treatment.

Depending on your needs, more of less oil is used and more or fewer body parts are covered. Afterwards, you will have some time left to process the experience and wake from the deep state of relaxation that you entered.

I will provide you with a glass of water upon awakening and if you wish we will talk about your experiences on the massage table.