Enhancing Human Experience

What does that mean and how do you do that?

We are all connected.

Having lived and traveled all over the world has taught me that diversity is the spice of life, but in essence we are all connected. We may appear different, but we all love, hurt, grow, and die. Our current cultural programming has us believing we are separate, and it is this view that ultimately leads to suffering. Through my studies of spirituality, yoga, energetic healing modalities, agriculture, herbal medicine, and permaculture I have come to the conclusion that one common thread exists, we are all connected.

Co-creating healthy landscapes.

This belief that we are entangled or connected supports the work I do to enhance the human experience by helping to co-create healthy landscapes. A healthy landscape is built by healthy people. I help people find whole health through their re connection of mind, body, and soul. I share my wisdom in both individual and group settings. I offer group classes, retreats, and day events centered on yoga, reiki, and plant medicine. I host monthly business gatherings for entrepreneurs and goal driven employees, to bring the power of whole health into business and propel goals to soaring heights. Tapping into my Métis roots and connection to the Earth, I welcome the strength and wisdom of the Earth into all of my teachings, events, and healing sessions. I utilize my life coach training with my strong intuition, and journey with each person to foster true belonging, deep connection, and meaningful conversation. As we journey together, my clients do the work and I guide them with the wisdom of my heart and soul. I believe as we heal ourselves, we heal the earth, and in an age where climate and economics are both showing signs of sickness, I can’t think of a better time to recognize this, and work towards fostering interconnected healing to enhance the human experience.