Diaries – 1st Week Of May 2019

Launching Into Intuition

Dear Diary today I launched myself into the world owning my intuitive muscle strength. I tried a live video on the energies as I feel them and tried to speak from my heart. I shared what I am tuning into, what I am working with and then I did a card reading live. It was terrifying and exhilarating. For years various other psychics have been encouraging me to step into my soul purpose of mediumship and intuitive readings and I kept trying to conceal it. In everything that I have done from Reiki to herbal medicine, that intuition and my unique lens always shine through. As I grow and step up to service I embrace courage with all I have, and then private messages from people whose lives I have touched come through ….and the fear is no longer even on the table. I love to be of helo where I can, especially in these trying times and it feels like this free video service will create a platform to do just that!

Life Moves Quick!

Dear Diary today I reflected on my week, it’s going to be bumpy and fast so I took time to make 3 liters of juice in the juicer. I know it’s not as good a few days old but because I have a cold pressed juicer 48hrs does keep most of the nutritional benefits. I made the juice with lots of beets because I am feeling the need to support our livers and for some root chakra healing. Caden is a juice master now and tells me what each item is as we put it in. It’s amazing to watch him become the vegetable juicing expert in our home at the age of 3. I will embrace my intuition and my self-power.

Grounding With Methods Using Intuition

Dear Diary today I made a bad ass blend for hot stone massage. I played with grounding oils and the four sacred kinds of grass and felt the client melt in my hands. It’s such a great feeling when I can hear the plants telling me which one to use but an even greater feeling when I can let go of logic and just trust myself, the result is always peace for me and the client.

Getting Past The Rainy Blues

Dear Diary today I sat with Dandelion. I was feeling the rainy blues so I brought some tobacco and laid it her leafs. I sang a song to dandelion, the first one that popped into my head …”you are my sunshine”. After singing I just sat there basking in the radiance of this determined little plant. The plant spoke to me and said it was honoured I chose it in the sunday session and it feels we all need a little a liver support as our souls process the enormity of the change sin our lives right now. She spoke to me of livers and sludge and shared the sweetness of her roots. I am so elated Dandelion turned up in my yard this year, its the first time in three years of living here and I couldn’t have needed her more.

Embracing My Intuition And Power

Dear Diary today its been an amazing week! I was wanting to expand on heart energy so I made a blend of patchouli to ground into the root chakra and feel safe, geranium to open the heart, and cedar for cleansing of past hurts. It smells great in the diffuser and seems to have helped calm and expand the heart opening in my private sessions today. I have been working with jade, emerald, fluorite, and sugilite all week plus a little rhodonite. These crystals have been deeply helpful in my practice. I have had time to connect with clients both in person and online and dreaming and scheming some amazing new ideas to connect with people and offering healing tips. This week of the new moon has been full of new intentions, a branding session to embrace my intuition and power, writing, and incredible clients. My heart is full.

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