Diary – 2nd Week of March

Dear Diary,

I have always found music has a profound way of simultaneously calming me while allowing me space to be inquisitive. I hear Bob Dylan in my mind right now on repeat, and I ponder his reasons behind his lyrics equally as much as I apply them to all I am experiencing right now. In the span of a week things have shifted. I went from vacation to forced-cation, and for the most part I am coming to terms with it all.

As the world hunkers down in panic and the stress response flies off the charts, I am reminded why I am here.
This state of affairs is mere affirmation that I chose to be here as a lightworker in a time of great transition. I have some fears, getting separated from my son like the times of the Berlin wall, how will I pay the bills with little to no income, and I simply honour them as real. I choose to feel these fears and then remind myself I am an out-of the box thinker, I am wise beyond my years, and I am incredibly resourceful, I will find a way.

As the rage and fear swirl in the collective I am controlling my inputs.

I am eating well, I am sleeping more, and I am PLAYING lots! I find it serendipitous that our children are mandated to stay home when the very thing we need right now is more LOVE and more JOY. My son reminds me of these two things on an hourly basis and I am so grateful he found his way into my life.

I certainly don’t have all the answers, and I don’t feel I am meant to.

I know I am not in this alone and I know that as much as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so too is suffering. I choose to be vibrant, I choose, to laugh, I am singing at the top of my lungs, I am celebrating the age of aquarius, I am joyous of all the possibilities the new age is bringing. Heck, I may even get naked and sing HAIR (it’s a musical you can google it) at the top of my lungs seen as we are confined to the house anyway, who knows what antics I will get up to. There is one thing dear diary you can count on, as sure as Bob sings the answers are blowing in the wind, I will remain curious, loving, and without doubt in service to all who seek spiritual guidance in such trying times.

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