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Diary – 1st Week of July … Making Life-Altering Decisions is Hard

I am equal parts anguish and relief. Making life-altering decisions is hard.

I had a moment, a break down (ahem breakthrough) where I paused and saw my life.

I left my body standing in the kitchen while doing dishes and hovered.

I saw my family, my business, but mostly I felt my heart. It was hurting and screaming for my attention. I hovered a little longer and suddenly a movie reel of my life over the past three months began in fast forward. I saw snippets of all I have endured and also snippets of what is to come. In this hovering state, I gave myself permission to acknowledge the pain, to welcome it without judgment. I let myself watch from the outside only as an observer so that I could empathetically care and love the woman who is me in that film.

This was powerful.

I am not sure why I find it so easy to love others and so hard to love myself.

In this pause, I found that love.

I came back to reality and I sobbed. I sobbed in anguish for what I witnessed and relief for being willing to accept my life as it is without judgment.

I need more room for joy.
I need more room to thrive.
I need more room to fill my own cup so I can be the mother, daughter, friend, entrepreneur that I long to be.

To make room for this joy I had to break a few hearts, mine included. To allow more joy I had to let go of my pride, let go of being too proud to admit being wrong, and clean up.

Making life-altering decisions is hard. PERIOD.

When the decisions affect others it’s so hard to admit my role in it.

I would rather judge and blame and avoid the truth and stay in suffering then make necessary changes….or so I thought.

As the gift of hovering so gracefully illuminated, I had the power to change that story.

I had the power to love me for all my decisions; the ones that work out well and the ones that don’t.

Over the next few days, I have a chance to model for my son what it is like to do hard things. I have the opportunity to show him what caring and compassion really mean and also self-love. It’s not going to be easy, it’s not meant to be, but it will define me, my values, and show my son what staying in integrity is all about.

I know that at the age of 4, he won’t get all of it, he isn’t meant to, I am nearly 40 and I am only beginning to get it.

It’s only been the last few months that I have suddenly decided it’s time to die like I am living.

Each day I open my eyes is a blessing.
Each day I have an opportunity to be the best version of myself.

I no longer want to wait to think I am dying before I live. I don’t want to live recklessly like I have nothing to lose, but I do want to embody fully living.

Not later, Now.

Each day I use up some of the timebank that is my life, when I remember this it helps me lean into the awkward, the hard, the uncomfortable, and sometimes even the suffering so that I can choose who I want to be while I am here.

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