Diary – 1st week of February

Dear Diary,


Every time I take training my mind is completely blown. As the wisdom of my life and the many courses create layers of foundations the experiences I am having in training now have become quite profound. I find myself hearing messages in new ways, deepening my understanding of life long learning and integrating more of my soul into the here and now.


Taking Lomi Lomi training this weekend really brought me to my knees. I came into a faceoff with my soul in a vision while on the massage table. I saw myself floating and dressed in purple with a purple head wrap. I was floating from my bed to my yoga mat in the early morning light. The words as I looked at myself in the face were “the Time is NOW”. As I came out of the massage I was brought down to the ground to reintegrate this message, the intention of harmony swirling through me.  I have so much knowledge but it is in my head and still just being utilized as a human “doing”. The time is NOW to shift into a human being. 


At the beginning of the year, I chose spiritual, luminous, faith, purposeful and prosperous as my words. These are the core values also of Lomi Lomi, synchronicity I was completely unaware of until last week. As I moved through the training I discovered where these words are pining for expression in my life and I have begun shifting already. This training reinforced for me my role as a lightworker, where my healing hands and hearts wisdom is best put to use and perhaps even illuminated ideas on how I can best be of service to the women I desire to journey through healing with.


On some level, I feel the course was responsible for the awareness but the shift in energy and the collective has been frenetic. I have felt the fear, the chaos, the hardship, the heaviness, but I refuse to dwell in it. Last week tested me in every capacity, money, family, work, health, and soul, and in the words of Maya Angelou, “Still I rise”. I am humbled by the force of enmeshment that connects us all and I bring love into the mix. I choose LOVE. PERIOD. I know with every fiber of being that there is much out of my control, that surrender is a word I am not even sure I can fully embody, but I also know I am here for a reason. That reason is love, and that is enough for me. As I watch my son grow I know more than ever the time to take care of me, to ensure I stay young and fierce, yet nurturing and loving is critical to helping see him take humanity deeper into the age of Aquarius. I don’t have the answers, there have been moments my mind has tried to convince me that not knowing the answers make me helpless, my mind is WRONG, my heart has the answer it just hasn’t shared in a way my mind can understand. I trust you heart, I trust you soul. I know my role as a mystic, as dominant second chakra, and a teacher. I know my owl sense and its role in this world. Its time to embody what I know.