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Diaries – 2nd Week Of October

Dear Diary, Well, this has been an immense week of blessings and healthy choices. As I work day in and day out to get the new space ready, something happens daily! …

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Diaries – 1st Week Of October

Dear Diary, Something is off. I can feel it. I heard myself speak and it was harsh and short. The words hurt my tongue and my heart. I am lacking energy …

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Diaries – 4th Week Of September

Dear Diary, A slamming door hurts. It is hard to listen and uncomfortable to wait as the echoes settle and the magnitude of what has occurred is processed. This week, I realized that often …

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Diaries – 3rd Week Of September

Dear Diary, I hear of people climbing Mount Everest and when they get so close to their dream they die from pushing themselves too far. As I work this week with …

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Diaries – 1st Week Of September

Dear Diary, The sun sign moving into Virgo has been an incredible shift in clarity for me. In the energetic realm, as we weathered a geomagnetic storm, I found a veil …

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