Diaries – 2nd Week Of May 2019

Highs & Lows Of Self Care

Mid-month has been full of highs and lows. I have felt myself ride the currents and work on the practice of surrender. There have been things come up over the week around fear. Many moments I have had to pause and catch myself in a downward spiral of fear, scarcity, and lack. It can be daunting being an entrepreneur as there is never a guarantee. I have always found that the times I focus on lack are the times I find myself in a metaphorical (or literal )famine. This time I am using my consciousness to bring awareness to this pattern and shift my thoughts to gratitude for all that I already have. Focusing on self care is a must!

Growing With Parenting

This has been a tumultuous week. Caden is in a growth spurt and it seems as if everything I try is met with resistance. This week meals and bedtime have felt like Mount Everest. In an effort to support us, I have been listening to Brene Brown on parenting. I bought a double CD and I am learning to hold space for us both as he grows. I want to parent with guilt vs shame and I also want to be a model for all feelings being welcome and holding boundaries for unacceptable behaviors.

Sickness Spreading Around!

There seems to be a run of cold and flu again this week at daycare and on social media in my community. Caden is growing and so with us both short on sleep I have turned to our dear ally Elderberry. I found a new local herbalist making her own syrup and man of man it’s delicious! Mary Poppins was right, a spoonful of sugar (a.k.a. Local raw honey) does make the medicine go down with ease!

Busyness & Self Care

The week has been manic. I have relied heavily on my staples, ketones, reishi, and ashwagandha tea. I am keeping it together but am very relieved the weekend is nearby. Its mothers day and so a weekend with nanna is in store. Caden has been excited all week for the gift he is making at day care and I can’t wait to go and get him!

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