Diaries – End Of 2019

Dear Diary,

Sleep, sleep and more sleep. I cannot seem to get enough sleep right now. I always feel the impact of energy in the collective. I can really sense we are going through a huge shift and some are in need of mental and physical body healing. I feel a lot of sadness, grief, fear, and its landing in my body as an all-around heaviness.

Physical Body Healing & Replenishing

The messages I am getting from my team is to rest, to replenish, and to turn to the dream time for answers. I have been drawing crystal grids in my mind’s eye with crystals I tuck under my pillow at night. I envision these crystals helping rejuvenate and heal my physical body while it lightens. The messaging that I keep coming up against is we must lighten our toxic burden, lighten our mind, and lighten our soul. It is so hard to not get hung up on the HOW! The crystals I have been drawn to have been blue kyanite, celestite, azurite, black jade, pink aventurine, and fluorite. I have been wearing them and sleeping with them all constantly. I also can feel my heart expanding so I am trying to work with green aventurine and lots of rose quartz as well to honour the healing of my heart. The message I get is that by resting and sleeping and connecting to the inner healer within me the answers will come. I am hearing loudly that as the new decade approaches to use the frenetic energy as a battery pack to manifest my reality from my higher self, from a place of knowing that my reality is connected to many realities, it feels a lot like the movie Matrix. When I think too much about it, I get frazzled but if I surrender my mind to the possibilities of there being more – I feel joy and lightness fill my entire being. 

Healing With My Child

My son is feeling it all too although his shift is of a different nature and miraculous to watch, in fact, it brings me great hope! Through herbal medicine, diet, and chiropractic care we are repairing his nervous system. This week he took a huge leap forward and began to sing, jump, play with all of our family and even give hugs to close family that in past he has hidden from. Yesterday, he picked up his first hockey stick and began to play with a tennis ball and a net. These sound like “nothing” but when every day has been about keeping him breathing and now it’s about watching him smile, it’s miraculous! As he shifts, I find us both singing when we lose presence. We have had to snuggle lots and there has been a lot of cries of I need you, and I am happy to honour those feelings. Like all humans, he is not one-sided and so more anger is surfacing too. We are working with how we handle these big emotions in a way that allows them to flow safely in our home. This little human teaches me constantly. As I reflect on this week and what he taught me, I am so honoured to be going through the ascension process with him. We are both honouring our feelings, our emotional and physical needs, and are able to accept that we don’t always have it right! I am blessed to have such an inspiration to propel me into the frenzy of new year energy and guide me into the lightest decade ever!