Diaries – 4th Week Of October

It feels as if someone put me inside a slingshot and has catapulted me into warp speed! This past week (and the one before) seems to have gone at a pace beyond my imagination! As the weekend arrived I found myself feeling tired, depleted, and determined to stay attentive to detail as I completed the new space. In an effort to appease all sides of me, I set my alarm for a little earlier than my son’s wake up time and sacrificed some sleep in an effort to have some pause and reflection.

Adjusting To New Space

I find for me it can become so easy to chase the finish line only to be thinking about what race is next! I looked at my calendar and determined that I was at capacity and no matter how much FOMO (fear of missing out) I have on anything else for the upcoming month, it is just not possible. As soon as I gave myself permission to say no, I felt lighter. As the lighter space began to surround me instead of looking at what was coming next, I began to immerse myself back into what is happening now.

In the span of 28 days, I have picked up the keys to a studio, found a colleague to rent space with me, connected with 2 new yoga teachers to launch group classes, built shelving, carried a fireplace, hung pictures, lugged furniture, maintained my client practice, and been a mom! I launched affirmations, held my sweet sister gathering, an Atlantean meditation, and a grand opening! Next week I have secured engagements to speak twice to two different audiences about my personal story and where I have come from. In this moment I am pausing to celebrate me, to acknowledge my hard work, to give gratitude to my body for sustaining me, to the food that has nourished me, to the people who have supported me, and to all I have achieved.

Observing My Reflection

As the moon comes into focus, I am pausing to reflect on where I have come from and what I am ready to grow into. I am ready to be open to love, to feel, to be joyous, to celebrate myself, and my community. I am ready to embrace abundance and step deeper into service to build resilient landscapes by sharing one small seed of change one connection at a time. I started all of this vision with a pioneer plant, fireweed, the first to rise from the ashes. In those days I was thinking of mere survival. Today I am ready to regenerate the entire forest, to marvel at its diversity, and to celebrate its ever-changing growth of authentic relationships and thriving connections.

As the new moon arrives, I am pausing to breathe, reflect and connect with my spirit guides. I am embracing the thinning of the veil and writing letters to my ancestors to be carried in the smoke of the burning letters to them and trusting that I will receive their guidance if I stay open to receiving. I have mourned the dead, the parts of me that have died away and now as I celebrate those deaths I prepare myself to enter into mother nature’s womb where I can dream, envision, and co-create what the new year shall hold when we return to the light at the winter solstice. I am proud of me, I am ready for this rest, and I am open to receive the wisdom of the past and bring it with me into the greatness of a new year.