Diaries – 4th Week Of November

Dear Diary,

I am so grateful that we have shifted from emotional Scorpio into fun-loving Sagittarius! With the ashes still falling around Mercury’s retrograde, it is refreshing to welcome Jupiter, the planet of gifts into the sky! I am sure that I am biased being a Sagittarius, but as soon as the stars and sun shift into this sign, I find my philosophical side soar! In my head the dialogue has shifted from introspective questioning to deep world view questioning.

Creating Change For The Better

Sometimes I wish I had a tape recorder for my silent thoughts. The swirls that go on in my mind seem to resemble a scene from Fantasia and I wish I could better capture them. This week, I was honoured to attend a non-profit award night and I was so inspired that I could hardly keep up with the brain waves. It’s amazing when I put myself in a room with 100 people who are all committed to social change and how the vibration in my body shifts. I found myself digging within to ask how I am making a difference, what could I do better, how could I make more of an impact. As I pondered these questions I listened to the stories of those in the trenches working hard at their causes and I was humbled. It was amazing to watch these people be celebrated for their achievements but it also saddened me that while we celebrated – the root causes remain buried, unaddressed, and seemingly growing. That is where I want to direct my focus, although I am unclear what that will look like or how.

Resuming When The Time Is Right

I have learned to let go of when I want to create. I know that “how” bogs me down. I feel this in my soul, I feel its magnitude, and I know that if I focus on what and why the rest will reveal itself to me. Again, I feel my Sagittarius nature begin to take flight, I love big questions and unpacking them, and I especially love the reflection time at the end of the year always brings to unpack where I have already been. As I write today my soul is begging for stillness, more reflection, more space to feel and unleash what has been felt, and what is yet to come. I will honour that feeling. I will rest as much as I can this week, I will brain dump, I will say no more than yes to allow space to feel and breathe. For the moment I will bring all four hooves down onto the ground, and I will relish the stillness to allow space for joyous leaping to resume when the time is right.