Diaries – 4th Week Of May 2019

It seems like since the full moon began to wane the energies catapulted into full speed. So many times this past week I have felt myself struggling to have a good connection, catch my breath, get “enough” done, and keep everything together. Although the week seems to have gone at a manic pace it has also opened up an immense opportunity.

Gettings My Hands Dirty!

This week to combat the speed I spent time with my hands in the dirt every night planting, repotting and cleaning up the yard. The more time I spend barefoot and getting covered in the dirt the more peaceful I feel and the easier it is to breathe.  I spent a great deal of time connecting with the plant passion flower this week and in fact bought one for my bedroom. This plant really spoke to me when I passed it last week at the greenhouse, so I went back and got my own!

This week I worked with fluorite, azurite, and amethyst. I spent a lot of time holding these crystals while breathing deeply before bed and I wore them in my pockets all week. In an effort to stay grounded I made time for my own self-care. I worked with a sound healer and tuning forks, my personal fascial release therapist and I even went to the salt cave to ground and re-center with a better connection.

This week despite being in immense inner chaos I challenged my comfort zone and I attended a meeting that scared me. It is was very intimidating but I met the mayor and developed some critical contacts to support my growth in this city. I have been confronted with adversity, bullying, connection and love all in one week. I am tired but I am growing through the adversity and grateful for the opportunity.  

Networking & Connection

It hasn’t all been adversity I got to meet with a network of Women in a group I started called Tribe Vibes. Since having my son I haven’t felt connected and so it felt great to support to others with my extensive and eccentric knowledge base, their faces when they find illumination within and the excitement that follows, is what makes my heart swell! Speaking of a swelling heart, mom sent me a message has been amidst a chaotic encounter with her child the child stop dropped and “om”d… a technique I had taught recently in a mom and yoga class. Moments like these remind me why working from the heart is sometimes hard but worth every step!

Acknowledging the blessings and the exhaustion, I checked in with myself and realized I am in need of some care. To replenish myself I have canceled commitments this weekend, something I nearly never do as I almost always attend anything I commit to (which is why I don’t say YES to everything). It’s hard for me to say no but my body and my soul are screaming and I must have their call. If I am to teach others how to hold space for themselves I must lead by example. I have lined up a weekend of family time that is always good for my soul!

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