Diaries – 4th Week Of June

I read a book once called The Gunslinger when I was 18 and then I spent a decade reading the entire Dark Tower series by Stephen King. These books profoundly impacted my belief in spirituality because in between the lines I read into the possibilities that time as we know it was false. This past week I have found myself reflecting on that book series as time literally felt slippery all week, I needed to increase my mindfulness.

Increasing Mindfulness

I find when the time feels scarce it brings out the worst in me. Fear bubbles to the surface, feelings of inadequacy try to rear their ugly heads, and I begin to question all aspects of myself. The manic state that develops during the quickened pace of a week feeling too short is one that slides me into old patterns and it’s not a fun place to be. As I take a few deep breaths, I sift through the wiring of my mind to remind myself those are indeed old patterns and I have new tools.

To cope with the lack of time all week, I took to pen and paper. I spent 15 minutes every 3 hours of brain dumping and then writing dates that each item needed action. This helps me discern what is a creative project and non-urgent from a medical intuitive assessment needed later in the day or week for various clients. I haven’t really found a daytimer or journal that helps me with this yet (although I am in the works of a custom design with Krista Hicks) so for now, it’s been a blank page in a notebook that I have begun to carry in my purse. When I find myself without it I am using the notes feature on my phone and then transcribing it over later. This may seem like a useless practice but when it comes to anxiety and feelings of inadequacy I have found that the only way for me to slow the mind is to release it from the responsibility of forgetting and to have a point of reference to check off what I have done as a sense of accomplishment. This applies to me in my life as a mom and household tasks as much as it does in business!

Slowing Down My Mind

After finding ways to slow the mind I nourished my soul by connecting with like-minded women in a business group. We meet once a month to support each other on our goals but also to hold a safe space where we can be real with what is transpiring in my life. These women are my sisters and I cherish these brief 2 hours with them like gold. This time fuels my soul and mindfulness by allowing me to embrace the mystic teacher within me and my emotional state with a hardwired connection.

Lastly to encompass a holistic approach to feeling healthy and whole this week I increased my magnesium intake to combat the impending eclipses, I drank tea rich in adaptogens to nourish my immune system, and I increased my ketones to two servings for the week for a little extra fat for fuel to propel me into the long weekend of family time and a slower pace of bliss.

Nurturing Curiosity,


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