Diaries – 4th Week Of July

Dear Diary,

Sleep has been a lost friend this week. Each morning I wake, I pause and give thanks. I stretch a little in my bed (if I can without waking my child), and just collect my thoughts. This week, each morning I awoke and I simply wanted more rest! The energy throughout the night all week was very intense. I found myself restless, dreaming, and waking frequently. By Tuesday, I knew my nervous system was on edge and it was time to take action! Whenever I feel a shift like this taking place I look to the sky first for some indication of what is happening and then I go inward. This week I discovered a meteor shower and it was contributing to the chaos of my sleeplessness.

Combating Energy With Crystals

To combat the energies, I pulled out four of my sacred crystals. I channeled four crystals that act as a sacred shield for me and I bring them out and place them on my altar (my dresser has a dedicated space with Buddha, Krishna, and the four elements).  Once my crystals were in place, I set to increase my magnesium intake at bedtime and also throughout the day. Magnesium is very soothing in a bath, foot bath, or ingested.

Utilizing a few tools I continued through my week being open to receiving. When the energies are chaotic, I reframe them as opportunities and I ask my guides to help me see the opportunities being presented for me. This approach takes away the feelings of doom and gloom, despair, or even feelings that the universe is attacking me. When I bring this awareness forward, it also helps me remember that everything is for my highest good and I am responsible for choosing my own perception.  When I work from here I find it easier to have compassion for myself instead of frustration during sleep or emotions that are surfacing.

Increasing Connection With Events

This week was all about increasing connection for me and getting away from a computer. I was blessed to attend the Wellness for You expo in town with a theme on self-care and talk to so many beautiful souls. I switched hats into business and got to share a brief glimpse of my customer service experience at our networking group Tribe Vibes. Walking around the mastermind sessions helps me share years of wisdom in problem-solving and it fuels my soul to help other women succeed. The finale for the week was my sweet sister plant gathering where the plants were the real teachers. All of these in-person moments made my heart swell bigger than the Grinch’s and reminded me how many beautiful women live around London. It is truly the in-person connections that make me able to work so hard online to ensure that they happen. These events refuel me in every way!

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