Diaries – 4th Week Of August

Dear Diary,

I am so proud of myself this week. I put a lot on my plate this week and even though it was all the things I love, I still pushed myself to the max. This week I had three events! Every stage of growth in business leaves me pondering how I do it and how sustainable what I am doing really is. In all truth, I need a support person. As a single mom, I felt the pull of meals, childcare, a sick cat, and work stretch me beyond what I thought was capacity. I am reflecting on the week and realizing I am soon going to need an assistant or at very least a nanny! As the week pulled me in a million directions my ketones kept me fuelled. Reiki, fruits, and vegetables kept me grounded.

Utilizing Crystals, Yoga, & Reiki

This week I struggled with feeling grounded. Midweek I suddenly felt like I was suspended in the air unable to move just caught in a heaviness. The emotions of doubt, fear, and then utter confusion all surfaced this week and I turned to shungite the most grounding crystal I felt I needed. I spent hours holding, wearing, and sleeping with the crystal and a great deal of self reiki this week. This week I leaned into my restorative practice too and opened my heart to receive through ankle bund goddess and calmed my nervous system with legs up the wall.

As my days get bigger and my roles more demanding, I am beyond grateful for yoga and crystals in my life.

Personal & Professional Growth

Despite the heavy energy and the struggles, I couldn’t help but just hang suspended in the muck and notice how blessed I am. Somehow in the dark, gratitude snuck in for me and who I am. There have been so many times I have beat up on myself for my life’s choices and now doing what I call work and sharing my wisdom to help guide personal and professional growth allows me to illuminate the beauty in the mountains I have climbed. As I watch my son sleep while I type I know I am on new mountains now but holding his little hand makes each step feel worth it.