Diaries – 3rd Week Of May 2019

The full moon has arrived. I have felt every fiber of my being raised to the hum and pull of this moon in Scorpio. My feelings have been inside out as I have been evaluating who I am, who my soul longs to be, and what needs to be let go in my life.

Dealing With Unexpected Troubles!

As I pondered such thoughts I got sudden news my babysitter was no longer able to work and so another cord was cut as I had to refund my yoga students for the remaining three weeks in our series.

This week has felt all about duality. I have wrestled with my masculine and feminine in physical and emotional ways and felt hammered by the desire to release and manifest. I am so grateful for yoga this week as I worked on the hips and the heart to move into all the uncomfortable places with space instead of locking down and numbing.

This week there have been many deaths, animals and humans. My heart is aching as the collective consciousness is writhing in agony. My mind understands that everything is energy and transcendence is inevitable, but my heart hurts. It was this time two years ago my own dad passed suddenly and so I am ever reminded of my own loss as I sense the loss of those around me.

Diving Deeper Into My Feelings

I am working a lot with the mushroom kingdom at the moment and focusing my heart into what I truly love to create. What sets my soul on fire? What lights me up? This is where I want to spend my time and this is how I want to live my life. As I feel so deeply I need to hang on to passion right now as the light in the darkness and yet embrace the darkness for its ability to inspire me to create!

I am looking forward to the long weekend, time outdoors, lots of barefoot and deep breaths, and above all time with Caden.

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