Diaries – 3rd Week Of July

We had such a powerful full moon this week. Many times I found myself barely breathing or locked down in patterns and programs of past trauma. I really had to take some time this week to connect with the earth barefoot and simply ground into her current. Feeling my feet on the pavement really helps me find my balance and create a sense of feeling safe. 

How Do I Find Balance?

As the week went on I noticed a theme to my negative self-talk, feelings of scarcity, shame gremlins of judgment, and an immense lack of feeling worthy. As these feelings surfaced I quickly brought in walking meditations in nature, limited my time on social media and all blue light, and sought out things to do that bring me joy. As I felt my way through the past I practiced breathing and rocking myself gently with crossed arms and I even sought out professional help.

What I love about these experiences now is that I am aware of them and although in the intensity of the moment they feel in control I am able to quickly shift into the witness seat and remind myself I am no longer a 7 year old in the passenger seat. This helps me take the wheel and begin steering again. The diet I eat now and the work I do with supplements and exogenous ketones keeps me in a lighter state and physiologically helps to ensure that my emotions are true feelings and not a biological warning sign.  This holistic approach to my life means when I fall, when I experience shadow, I am able to lean into it with reckless abandon and trust I can get myself out with learning, growth, and grace.

Raising My Vibration

As the moon began to wane, I developed strong headaches of the third eye and crown chakra. I took the time to connect with peonies and roses and worked with rosemary oil as well as peppermint in a diffuser. I had to really up my water content and get lots of sleep this week as well to try and process. As solstice approached I was ready for the sun and truly enjoyed a yoga practice by the river in the woods. Singing raises my vibration by helping me transcend the fear of being wrong, heard, or offensive and helps me tune in to my authentic self.

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