Diaries – 2nd Week Of September

Dear Diary,

I can not EVER remember a moon like this! As an empath, I have so many talents but telling time is NOT one of them. That being said two January’s ago, I remember my menzies suddenly reverting from full moon to New moon. It was sudden. I was left with a few months to ease into this new state. Everything was affected, my skin, my digestion, my appetite, and my sleep to name a few. There was a brief moment when everything seemed to go back to normal only to a month later go back to this world of opposites. As this moon has arrived, I am certain once again the poles and tides are shifting and my cycle is trying to be on the full moon again.

I don’t really blame hormones, although this weekend I would like too! It has been full of anger, rage, fear, and sorrow. These feelings have felt big for me and my son and the only thing getting us through breath work and laughter! We have tried to be outdoors, tried to embrace the last of the season and really tried to allow our feet to hit the ground. We have had some big conversations, discussions, and tantrums all weekend long.

Living As An Empath

When I step aside from me alone, what I am feeling is fear. I certainly feel my fear in so many ways but I am feeling fear that isn’t even mine! This weekend I have constantly had to check-in and ask myself what is mine and what can I let go… a tough process but a life saving one when so empathic.  To combat this chaos I have used myrrh, frankincense, wild rose, lavender, and chamomile essential oils in my essential oil diffusers. When things get tough, I just want to shut down so rose helps me stay open while frank grounds me. The chamomile eases a fried nervous system.

When I was working with crystals this weekend, I was being very cautious. I worked with citrine, jade, emerald, and rose quartz. They were resonated on bringing more loving and letting love conquer fear. I have drank some powered house teas from Senses Of The Soul to aid in grounding into my own body and releasing fear.

Loving Myself For Who I Am

Above all my greatest tool has been self-love. I have worked hard this weekend to love me for being imperfect, for being quick-tempered, for running, and for any other shadow side of me that appeared that I truly want to be more than. I worked hard to remind myself my flaws and imperfections are a part of what makes me so strong and able to help others. So, I surrender to how uncomfortable and flawed I felt and let the moon roll on! 

It feels important this week to work with the heart, to bring in green and pink, rose quartz, and jade. So, I can move into new paradigms of love. All week I will remind myself that love leads the way, that love will guide me no matter how dark it gets, that love with light the way! Change is inevitable, growth is optional. I know what I chose this week, how about you?