Diaries – 2nd Week Of June

Dear Diary,

This week has been all in my head. There have been many times before when I have felt this way but this time the voice sounded different. I noticed that the voice talking was speaking softer, kinder, and was asking to be heard. It turns out it was my soul actually and not my overbearing mind! Finally a sense of balance!

When we are born we come into the world in harmony with our mind, body, and soul. This means we think, act, and feel from exactly 33 ⅓ of each part of us. As we grow up we are sadly conditioned to ignore our soul and feelings and rewarded for our minds.  With all the uncomfortable change the week before I realized I was finding myself out of balance.

Restoring My Balance

In an effort to restore balance I worked with my heart chakra and my third eye all week. I used howlite, labrodite, fluorite and green moss agate. I slept with many of them under my pillow and carried them in pockets when I could. In an effort to work with these crystals I found some time to pause and breathe before bed each night and magic began to happen. I started to realize the child in me was desperate for joy!

It sounds a little bit like a heated debate right now in my head as my heart and soul try to learn new ways to communicate with my mind. I am so grateful that we are under the sign of Gemini right now, a stellar astrological sign for communication. In an effort to help hear my soul clearly I have really resorted to pen and paper. This week I used my journal a great deal and my notes app on my Samsung galaxy when I was caught out somewhere. Every time an idea of creativity hit me, I wrote it down instead of questioning how or why. I have spent the week creating mini brain dumps except for this time they have been soul dumps. My task this week is to put all those pieces onto one big paper and create a map. This for me is how I can use the divine masculine to support the divine feminine! I am using my feminine to blurt out her desires and need for flow and allowing my masculine to take action to honor and support that flow.

Shedding Illusions

The full moon is here and I am equal parts wired and tired. I am increasing my magnesium to four capsules for the remainder of the week to try and support my nervous system. I am going to meditate as much as I can this week even if for 5 minutes of sound healing and work with the Chin Mudra, hand yoga. My body needs nurturing so it will be a week of drinking lots of cold pressed juices, and for my soul, well I am going to indulge in some Gabby Bernstien the Universe has your back. This week is about shedding illusions and allowing the smoke to clear and I am going to try and witness the transformation and what’s been hiding within me all these years.

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