Diaries – 2nd Week Of July

Dear Diary,

I found myself going inward this week. I needed to explore what joy was, what joy meant to me and how can I increase happiness? When I took pen to paper what came up was really a deep look at how I value myself and what I feel I deserve. I have been pulling layers off lately under eclipse season and looking deep. I discovered when I spent time examining life there were certain aspects that really light me up and others that just don’t fulfill me.

Taking Steps To Increase Happiness

In December, I took the time to run my core desired values with Danielle Laporte. This became a compass for me on how I want to feel in all aspects of my life. As I peel off more layers I realized I needed to revisit these values and see how they are turning up in my life. The more I reflected the more I genuinely became aware of where my free will was turning up and how subconsciously I was still holding myself back from how I want to feel.

Once this awareness came to light I spent time basking in the sun, feet in the grass, swimming, and sleeping. I needed space to process all the awareness and to heal what was surfacing. Nature is my savior. I met the storms with a white flag, I ran out barefoot and danced, I screamed and I cried. The tears and the rain became one until finally a glimmer of joy permeated my heart and a sense of peace returned.

Heading Into The Lunar Eclipse

This week was about grief, about space, about pen and paper. As I head now into the lunar eclipse, I am ready to release old patterns to the eclipse and make changes to support my soul’s calling for the rest of my life. I am working now with calendula, rose, nettle, and peppermint in tea form and enjoying harvesting some fresh herb for powerful teas. I am drawn to howlite right now and emerald in crystal form and am working with a few hand mudras for meditation of sorts. This is helping me increase happiness, feeling grounded and present as the peak of summer. Surrounding me in majestic heat, hot enough to ignite my dreams and slow me down to feel them in the here and now.

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