Diaries – 2nd Week Of December

Dear Diary,

The moon is upon us. My sleep is altered and my dreams rage into the other dimensions. I find myself riding trains, transcending timelines, and mixing up the current past with lives gone by. This moon lands on 12-12-12 (2+0+1+9). This is an incredibly powerful number of destruction and rebirth. I can feel it in every fiber of my being. I feel so paralyzed by the unknown, as if taking a step forward is useless when things are an illusion and yet knowing action is necessary to stay co-creating and holding space for the light. I feel the impending change and the complete and utter lack of control I have, and yet I still struggle to surrender. Healing with yoga has kept me grounded.

I have always been a fan of numbers, especially master numbers, and angel numbers. I find numerology a fun and insightful place to play when my mind needs answers. Sometimes I can just accept that energies are at play with ease and other times I find great solace in listening to astrologers and numerologists for clarity and comprehension as to how vast this cosmos we call life truly is. Along with my mind needing solace, my heart does too and I turn to yoga for that. I am blessed that the doors of yoga have taught me to go inward, opened my capacity to love without judgment, and guide me into circles of devotion and connection

Healing With Yoga

I relied heavily this weekend on my yoga circle as we delved into Kirtan (Kirtan is a form of singing, chanting, devotion, to all that is sacred). The ancient words, the stories of death, rebirth, love, and transformation illuminated my soul and filled my ears. I held tight to kyanite, celestite, and jade all weekend and fueled my third eye with possibility.  As I sang I discovered I am shifting again, this cosmic energy is bringing it great transformation and I can feel where I am resisting, where I am blocked, where I can lean in, and where I am already shifting.  

As the storm of 12/12/12 rages around me, I remember, I am 12-12, I was made for this and I hold tight to all that is beautiful and precious in the world and I bow down. I am humbled, I am gracious, and I am trusting. I am love. I am light. We are one.