Diaries – 2nd Week Of August

Dear Diary,

I sat to write you a few times last week but with the retreat looming, I felt it would be incomplete to write without including it. It seems like since Mercury retrograde let loose on August 1st, a catapult sprung and I have soared! It’s surreal to think that the vision I had in January of last year was manifesting this weekend with my first ever hosted retreat

Manifesting My Dreams

With Lions gate 0808, the portal of manifestation, falling just before the retreat it felt so right to realize my current dreams but then dare to dream bigger! I grabbed my trusty journal and spent time with tigers eye and citrine crystals. I wrote down what I would do if money were no object, a fun game and then I began to allow myself to feel those dreams as if they were already happening. When I manifest this way, I pull all my senses into what I would experience if I was living that dream out.

One of my big dreams is to find a partner who can support my soul mission and bring out the best in me. I went pretty deep into what I am looking for in my journal and I thought that would be the end of it. As the week drew closer to the weekend, I had to make a trip to value village for a dress to wear in a photoshoot. I was searching for a dress that would float in water for a summer white healer look. I couldn’t walk down the dress aisle without tripping over a wedding dress. I realized the dress has been altered and had a train and I thought it could work but when I got to the changeroom, I chickened out. The sales clerk coaxed me to try it only to discover it was a near-perfect fit! With the dress in tow, I decided if manifesting a husband was on my list, why not feel what a photoshoot in a wedding dress was all about!

A Life-Changing Retreat

The theme of manifesting carried on all weekend long. I centered the entire retreat around it this year and each workshop represented an element of manifesting one’s highest self. I never thought to talk about the retreat and how it manifested, perhaps a story for next year, but it’s amazing to reflect on the theme and to even say I held a retreat! Its been a powerful week of manifestation and I have written furiously as the next stage of things gets ready to bubble from a pipe dream to action steps. I’ve never felt more creative and more of service than I do now