Diaries – 1st Week Of November

Dear Diary,

This week I have felt as if I walked into the eye of the storm. I can hear the wind whipping around me, feel the fog, the mist, the sun and the dark all with equal force. The veil has thinned and I now find myself feeling as if I am walking side by side with my higher self, as if my DNA and my RNA are two beings walking hand in hand. I have had many moments of energy rushes where I suddenly feel my whole head shift and have been doing my best to support my system through the changes. I have been working hard to drink lots of water, increase my vitamin c and I have been really drawn to elderberry. I have been working with elderberry spiritually as well as physically to support the magic that seems to be brewing within – courage.

As the magic of the season has gotten to a peak, I have spent time leaning into the new moon, embracing the deep feelings of Scorpio and surrendering to the earth, trusting that all will work out and I have all that I need. I worked with the second chakra all week embracing orange, playing my singing bowl and practicing reiki just on my first and second chakras. I have needed to pause and take many breaths this week as many moments have felt overwhelming as the storm produces so much energy and my mind longs to control that which belongs to magic.

Embracing My Feelings & Connecting

I loved playing with clay this weekend. I used it to connect and to embrace the meditative work of surrender to the shape that produces, and to let go of my mind for a few hours. In these simple moments, I felt peace. I have been pondering the new year, what word I will embody, and how big I am choosing to dream for the new decade. Halloween is the pagan new year but I long and love to reflect on where I came from before I leap into where I am headed. In 2018 I chose the word curiosity as my word of the year. It led me through yoga teacher training, hot stone massage certification and staying curious about remaining in the city of London.

Choosing Courage

In 2019 I chose courage. Courage led me to form deeper relationships, put myself out there on social media, journey alongside my mom with cancer, step up as a parent, and open my own studio out of my house. I am pausing now to celebrate these words and where they have brought me and allowing myself to dream big and lean into what word will guide me for 2020, a new decade.

This year Halloween feels deeper to me, I feel more connected to the living and the dead, and I feel as if I am in another great growth spurt. In these times I trust the earth to hold me, I spend time going inward and breathing deep, I hit my yoga mat not to move away but to go inward, and I turn to tea made with herbs that resonate to support me while I grow.