Diaries – 1st Week Of June

What a week. This was a week of immense shadow work and many times I found myself feeling ugly and in a dark place. The darker I felt inward the more pain seemed to be hurled at me from my surroundings. I have been stepping up into leadership, being vulnerable. This new way of being seen brought me to a new level of ridicule and attack. Mentally I knew this was part of the process but emotionally it still hurts. This week I have relied heavily on mirror work by Louise Hay. This practice had me writing out affirmations and standing in the mirror repeating them to myself. This practice brings me back out of negative self-talk the quickest and requires little time. On weeks like today, lipstick on the mirror with the sayings appeals, I just may do it!

New Week, New Beginnings

This week I have been drinking a lot of tea. I have spent a great deal of time with Yarrow witnessing Chiron in the charts and stars and feeling the wounded healer within. In an effort to deal with attacking energy I have worked with onyx, jet, obsidian and apache tears crystals with carnelian as well. Every night I have used them to make a type of crystal grid on my body just trusting that I would put them where I needed. Courage needs to be the first step.

As the week wound down I found myself exactly where I needed to be. As the inner turmoil raged between holding boundaries and running away I landed at the feet of an Elder from Stony Point. This Elder taught me the teachings of the Seven Grandmothers and Grandfathers and reminded me of courage and humility. As I process her meaningful words I have found the light within again and returned to the four sacred grasses to be humble, courageous, intentional, and connected.

Lessons Throughout Courage

As the world changes and time quickens I am reminded that growth is uncomfortable. I have grown a lifetime in the past four weeks and I am beyond grateful for the wisdom and humbled by life. There is chaos and the challenge is to find the beauty amidst it all. Sometimes as an empath feeling the fear and anger of others makes it hard to see the light and that reaffirms my faith that you need rain to get a rainbow!

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  1. It takes courage to follow your path when others are trying to pull you away. Continue to believe in your truth and the Great Spirit will guide you. I believe in you, you can do it.

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