Diaries – 2nd Week Of November

Dear Diary,

When I lived in Alberta, I worked with a modern-day medicine woman whom I still call a mentor. Samantha intuitively reads chakras and like archetypes and has discovered many of us have a dominant one as our soul’s life learning. When I first met her, she quickly identified that I am a second chakra and that has felt so authentically true ever since. Much like astrology, my mind loves to piece together systems of understanding the many things that give me drive, inspire me, and set me back. 

The Dominant Second Chakra

As a dominant second chakra, creativity comes to me with ease. For many years I felt that creativity had to be the arts such as music, dance or crafts but as I settle into my role as an entrepreneur, I am discovering what creativity really is to me. Over the past two years, I have created non-stop. Looking back, I can see that I began creating when I curiously enrolled in yoga training. Within the DevaTree School’s guidance, I delved deep into self-study and began to create class plans that allowed me to play with the body from a spiritual perspective. As I have leaned into my reiki training, completed medical intuition training, hot stone massage and life coaching certifications, I am creating ways daily to pull on all of their wisdom into each person I connect with.

In the past six months I have pushed my creativity to new heights. I have begun to actively and consistently do live readings, produce inspiring affirmations and seek out supportive quotes. I have been writing from the heart and creating groups for belly to belly connection to organically unfold. As each of these channels of creativity challenged me to grow it opened up my new outlet for creativity, my studio.

Drawing Awareness

As a second chakra, it can be so easy to create and when the feminine is out of alignment it becomes time to pause and receive. This week, I drew awareness to this very challenge. I leaned into the mystic archetype that is me and I asked myself to stare at my shadow aspects. As I took a deep dive inward, I courageously chose to shift my shadow. I exposed the beauty and rawness of the mystic I am and also invited her to enfold herself into the magic she created. I paused, I breathed, and I spoke to my higher self with love, compassion, and gratitude. In this conversation, I surrendered trust to the universe that the creation was all as it was meant to be and I bowed down to allow source take over. As I sat in stillness and welcomed in the peacefulness of trust magic began to transpire. Before my very eyes, people came from all over, from many paths that I have walked. As if turned upside down into a magical snow globe come to life, and filled a room with laughter and hugs. Although I hustled from person to person, I paused several times throughout the night and many moments the following day in gratitude. In these moments I saw both the shadow and the light of my archetype in full form. Without embracing both aspects, I would never have walked all of those paths nor have had a studio enabling so many roads to intersect. Balance is a moving target, and nothing has made that clearer than what I experienced this week. 

As the dust settles I am leaning into celestite, howlite, and amethyst crystals to dream bigger than my limiting mind and to converse more deeply with my higher self. There is much magic there and I am allowing mercury to take me into the exploration of slowness, opening my heart to possibility, and honouring that magic that lies deep within.