Crystals 101

There are many different types of crystals, each filled with healing abilities that can help the mind, body, and soul. Depending on your needs, you can find a crystal that maximizes the flow of good energy, helps rid the body and mind of negative energy, and renew the body physically and emotionally.

Choosing the right crystal can be difficult, though; luckily, here’s a primer on healing crystals that will help you find the perfect one for your needs. Selecting the ideal crystal starts by looking inward!

Selecting Your Crystal

Crystal healing is a belief that involves placing gemstones on the body to draw out negative energy. The crystal acts as a conduit for healing by helping the flow of positive energy into the body while letting the negative energy flows out. But the negative energy that impacts the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of the user can be different in everyone. This is why choosing the right crystal starts with identifying you’re missing. 

Your choice of a crystal depends on personal feelings. Once you’ve looked inside yourself, intuition will guide you to the best one for you. Whether you can feel a physical pull toward a certain one or it looks nice, the inner subconscious can steer you in the right direction. Once you’ve picked it out, the connections – and healing – can start.

What Do Different Crystals Do?

There are many different crystals, including:

  • Amethyst: Protective, healing, and purifying. It clears the mind of negative thoughts and brings forth humility and spiritual wisdom.
  • Bloodstone: Selflessness, creativity, and idealism. It can also help you rid yourself of feelings of irritability, aggressiveness, and impatience. Many users choose bloodstone to help them live in the moment. 
  • Clear Quartz:  This popular crystal is known to absorb, store, and release energy, as well as improve memory and concentration. Clear crystals are said to help balance out your whole body, giving clear quartz its reputation as a “master healer.”
  • Jasper: This crystal is said to protect you from and absorb negative vibes while promoting courage, quick thinking, and confidence. It also empowers the spirit and supports the user through times of stress, giving it the nickname “supreme nurturer.”
  • Moonstone: Positive thinking, intuition, and inspiration. This choice encourages inner growth and strength. When starting fresh, this stone is purported to soothe uneasy feelings of stress and instability. Many users choose moonstone to help them move on from difficulties.
  • Obsidian: Strength, clarity, and compassion. It is said that obsidian can form a shield against physical negativity and get rid of emotional blockages.
  • Rose Quartz: Trust, harmony, and close connections. Rose quartz is known to bring comfort and calm to the user in times of grief. It is also said to encourage respect, trust, and self-worth.
  • Ruby: Vitality, sensuality, and intellect. Ruby is known to raise self-awareness and realize the truth in one’s mind.
  • Sapphire: Prosperity, happiness, and peace. Sapphire opens up the mind to help the user accept intuition and beauty.
  • Turquoise: Mind, body, and soul. Turquoise is known as a good luck charm in many cultures, and it can help you balance emotions while grounding you spiritually.

Caring For Crystals

After purchasing a crystal, you’ll want to cleanse the negativity it may have picked up. Start by running it through cold water from a tap or (better yet) a natural source of water. Make sure it’s cold, not hot or even warm.

Next, light some safe or add a pinch of sea salt to your water to help get rid of unwanted negative energies. Set it by a window and let it dry in the morning or in full moonlight to restore the healing energies.

For crystals to work as you want them to, you’ll need more than physical cleansing. You have to remove any negative energy or skepticism from your mind and trust in their abilities. If you respect how they work, you’ll feel the benefits!