Chakra Webinar

What do Chakra’s feel like in my body? How can they affect my relationships, my business and how I interact in the world? Gain insight to these questions through our online webinar.

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Webinar Details

Date: January 16th @ 10:30 AM

Are you fascinated with the many ways these Chakras could be turning up in your life? Tune into the FREE webinar on January 16th at 10:30 am where we can dive even further into the many ways these Chakras appear in our physical bodies and our day to day emotions. 

This 30 – 45 minute FREE webinar will cover the first four Chakras and how they feel in your body. There will be a Q&A session after the talk so that we can further discuss any questions that you may have about these Chakras.

All of the Chakra’s have their own function but they are interconnected to one another and have a direct impact on our whole health and vitality. There are many Chakras within our system but we often focus on the 7 Chakra system. During our 2 part webinar we will look a little more in depth at each one and have an open discussion on how this may turn up in our day to day lives. You will be provided the details for the second webinar in your email closer to the release date.

Please pick an affirmation below that you feel best resonates with you. After you submit your free registration below, we will show you how each affirmation corresponds with the four chakras.


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