Diaries – End Of August

Dear Diary, Sometimes it’s hard to face my own inner trauma. Some days life throws me a mirror and in a blink of an eye, I see both my strengths and my weaknesses. I try to be kind to myself, to stop the monkey mind from over-analyzing all the “should’s”… but some days that is …

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Diaries – 3rd Week Of July

We had such a powerful full moon this week. Many times I found myself barely breathing or locked down in patterns and programs of past trauma. I really had to take some time this week to connect with the earth barefoot and simply ground into her current. Feeling my feet on the pavement really helps …

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Diaries – 1st Week Of July

Dear Diary, This has been a trying week. I spoke Sunday about the planets all going retrograde and despite my knowledge, I had failed to take my own advice. By Wednesday I was feeling the effects of all the cosmic energy, trying to move through headaches, and walking around like my skin was inside out. …

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