Live Like A Tourist

No matter how you decide to book a vacation or whatever the style of your trip, there is some magical transformation that happens when we become a tourist: we slow down, we look for ways to be present and we get out of our comfort zone of “normal” routine.

Everything Is Energy

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla” Everything is energy–from the clothes we wear, to the places we travel and live. When people go to Australia to backpack, most people land in Cairns or Sydney and travel along the east coast. …

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Travel Blues

It is often said that you need half as much time as you were away to process your trip. I have been home for eight years now and I’ll be honest–there are many moments where I am still processing the magnitude of what I experienced over six years of backpacking abroad…….

Everyday Toxins

EVERYDAY TOXINS HIDDEN DANGERS IN YOUR DAY-TO-DAY LIFE THAT ARE SILENTLY DESTROYING YOUR WHOLE HEALTH “The greatest medicine of all is teaching people how not to need it.” – Hippocrates In days of old, our ancestors roamed the earth with ample food to hunt and with clean air to breathe. Survival was centred around finding …

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Finding Me To Find You

Lately, among such circles, I have noticed a common thread on more than one occasion around the idea of “getting over ourselves” in order to find success. This concept had me feeling a little niggle under the “soul skin”–indicating to me that this wasn’t my truth, and that there was something deeper my soul wanted to bring to my attention.

I sat with this feeling of “getting over yourself” and what it was stirring up for me. I have often discussed with clients why I dislike bonding over wounding, as it enables us to stay stuck in those stories because they are our only common thread. Instead, I prefer bonding over shared  interests or activities so that when wounds occur or surface, we simply hold space for one another without dropping into the dramatics of the event. So, was getting over Self feeling like wounding? Well, sort of.

For me, getting over myself feels a lot like old insults that have been hurled at me in moments of my greatest joy or purest success. It sounds familiar to me–like, “Who do you think you are?”, “Get off your high horse” and “Get over yourself, you’re nothing.” In the past, those words stung because they hit me when I was high. They cut me to my core because I so desperately wanted to be liked and included. I felt that in order to avoid upsetting these people (my interpretation), I needed to tone down or hold back my own success in order to belong.

Open Door

This was the second death in our family in just over a year, but there has been a massive change in my son moving from the ages of one to two. Knowing this, I was struggling with how to explain the dog’s death to a toddler

Why Do I Need A Life Coach?

Every athlete, even the most talented ones, needs a coach. Sidney Crosby, Lebron James, Tom Brady – they’re all the best in their respective fields, but they aren’t pulling double duty directing every play or single-handedly advising every player. They both need and benefit from a coach’s guidance, too!

Coaches aren’t just for sports though. A life coach is a specially trained expert that helps people reach their professional and personal goals. Nor are coaches just for the wealthy; a good life coach can help anyone in any profession (or out of one!) reach their fullest potential and navigate the unique paths of the soul. So why do you need the guidance a life coach provides?

Parenting Help From Chickens

Every day, part of my son’s desire to “help” was fulfilled as he took his bucket to the grass and began to distribute feed. At one point, my son even worked on his version of a rooster crow and would crow to each one in a call and response. The giggles that escaped amidst the seriousness of his role were simply priceless.

How I look VS How I feel

I went to high school in the age where “thong” underwear was all the rage! It became such a hot topic around our hallways that people judged you by whether or not they could see your “granny underwear” lines through your pants. No lines meant you were super-cool! When I first found my way into yoga pants, the trigger around panty lines …..


As the month came to a close and I was taking time to reflect  #BellLetsTalk day landed softly in my lap.  Depression comes in so many different sizes and shapes and wears so many masks, just read the above few sentences to get a glimpse of what a manic episode can look like, yes I said MANIC episode. Confused?