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Diary – 1st Week of April

Dear Diary, I came undone. I got down on the ground, I begged, pleaded, I kicked my legs, I pounded my fists, I self sabotaged, I questioned, and I sobbed....

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Diary – 3rd Week of March

Dear Diary, Tonight I grieve. On a spiritual and cerebral level I fully understand what is happening and yet I find myself wracked with sorrow. I picked up my plants...

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Diary – 2nd Week of March

Dear Diary, I have always found music has a profound way of simultaneously calming me while allowing me space to be inquisitive. I hear Bob Dylan in my mind right...

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Diary – 1st Week of March

Dear Diary, I took a break. A real break, a total break. I unplugged. I turned my phone off for 7 straight days and allowed myself to be fully present....

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Diary – 4th Week of February

Dear Diary, I am so thankful for this new moon. The full moon took me on a journey of deep release. With mercury retrograde I saw my past patterns, my...

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