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Getting It Wrong

Diary – 2nd Week of July … Getting It Wrong

I am learning to be ok with getting it “wrong”. It used to be so hard for me, I would get so defensive, so crushed, so broken with shame and guilt around being “wrong”. I feel deeply, so when I am “wrong”, I feel my own feelings about getting it “wrong” but I have a … Diary – 2nd Week...

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life-altering decisions

Diary – 1st Week of July … Making Life-Altering Decisions is Hard

I am equal parts anguish and relief. Making life-altering decisions is hard. I had a moment, a break down (ahem breakthrough) where I paused and saw my life. I left my body standing in the kitchen while doing dishes and hovered. I saw my family, my business, but mostly I felt my heart. It was … Diary – 1st Week...

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strong and wise

Diary – 4th Week of June … Strong and Wise

I did it. I opened the window during the storm and I left it open. I let the wind, the hail, and the debris pummel me. It hurt. I let the storm of emotions hurl itself at me until it reshaped my container, the container of who I am. I always come undone. I know … Diary – 4th Week...

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the magic of coming undone

Diary – 3rd Week of June … The Magic of Coming Undone

Dear Diary, Do you ever get it wrong? Do you ever fail? What are these words anyway and what do they actually mean? I found myself this week with my insides on the outside (it felt like I was coming undone) and I was deeply uncomfortable being me. As these deep thoughts hounded me, I … Diary – 3rd Week...

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Victor not Victim

Diary – 2nd Week of June … Victor Not Victim

Dear Diary, VICTOR NOT VICTIM. FACT. It is a fact that I choose to be victorious through my courage to stay vulnerable. When I allow myself to feel every emotion, to experience pain, suffering, heart ache, depression, anxiety, I am allowing myself to have a fully spiritual experience in my human body. I was made … Diary – 2nd Week...

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