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Crystals 101

There are many different types of crystals, each filled with healing abilities that can help the mind, body, and soul. Depending on your needs, you can find a crystal that …

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What Is A Herbalist?

Are you looking for a more holistic approach to your health needs? A herbalist could help! They have the skills to offer plant-based remedies to assist with various health issues. What …

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Diaries – 4th Week Of November

Dear Diary, I am so grateful that we have shifted from emotional Scorpio into fun-loving Sagittarius! With the ashes still falling around Mercury’s retrograde, it is refreshing to welcome Jupiter, the …

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Diaries – 2nd Week Of November

Dear Diary, When I lived in Alberta, I worked with a modern-day medicine woman whom I still call a mentor. Samantha intuitively reads chakras and like archetypes and has discovered many …

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