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It was a 1980's Summer

Tales of a 1980’s Summer

I feel like I just went through a major summer growth spurt. I used to think of growing up as this thing you did once. You know… you get taller, then you stop growing. You get more responsibility when you grow up: later bed times you get to choose dessert before dinner you learn to … Tales of a 1980’s...

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Fragmented ~ Kaleidoscope of the Heart

The word for today is fragmented. It started with astral travel: a dream time adventure to see two of the past loves of my life to a country I once called home. Three familiar felines accompanied the journey as well as the voice of an angel. I was startled awake from the dream by my … Fragmented ~ Kaleidoscope of...

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Dear Diary: I Am at a Crossroads

I have my home set up to honour some basic Feng Shui. I feel a strong connection to have areas of my home reflect the elements to me so I always feel I am part of something bigger than just me. It keeps me feeling grounded and in flow simultaneously. I was called to my … Dear Diary: I Am...

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Dear Diary: Why I Do Not Resonate with the Word Healer

It might surprise you to hear why I don’t resonate with the word HEALER for myself. Read below to learn why… Crickets. I hear crickets, and I love it. There is something about the symphony of crickets that ignites a part of my inner hearing. It starts with crickets and then I hear the frogs, … Dear Diary: Why I...

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from fireweed community to Tawny

Diary – 4th Week of August … From Fireweed to Tawny

I like to question things. This is a fact. My deep love of questioning has led me on a most wondrous winding journey. This journey has had many highs and many lows. I have NOT loved every minute, however I have lived each one and learned to love them for what they were one day … Diary – 4th Week...

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opportunity for change

Diary – 3rd Week of August … an Opportunity for Change

Dr. Seuss has been on my mind A LOT. So has Dr. Shefali Tsabarry, Kim John Wayne, Rudolph Steiner, and Jane Worroll. These are all philosophers with a key focus on raising empowered children. I have been spending a lot of time with my eyes open since COVID-19 made its grand debut and it has … Diary – 3rd Week...

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