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are you scared of darkness

Are You Scared of the Darkness?

IT IS DARK. The light is waning, the skies are heavy and grey and the shadow aspects of me seem darker and bigger than ever. In my former years, this darkness scared me. I was afraid of what was there because when I entered the dark parts of me I only saw them through the … Are You Scared of...

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Whole Body Intuitive Scan

Whole Body Intuitive Scan

Everything is energy, BUT what does that really mean? I believe there are a lot of ways to play with the meaning of energy. My favorite way is in the subtle energy arena. When I think of big energy, I think of the sun, the wind, the ocean, electricity, power stations etc. When I think … Whole Body Intuitive Scan...

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Maiden & The Flute – Elderberry

I see a maiden in a white flowing dress. She is adorned in a crown of flowers with hues of pinks, blues, and purples. On her arm is a basket and in her hand is a flute-like instrument. The sounds that come forth are light and airy, sweet and enticing, joyous and magical. She calls … Maiden & The Flute...

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How Do You Find Presence in Pain

How Do You Find Presence in Pain?

When wave after wave of uncertainty, fear, and pain break upon the shores of your aura how do you stay afloat? I ask myself this again and again and perhaps the answer is that you just don’t. I don’t always float, in fact, sometimes I sink hard and fast. In some moments I am blinded … How Do You Find...

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grandmother moon

Listening to Grandmother Moon

I hear the beating of the drum. It catches my attention and shifts my gaze to the moon. The moon is beckoning me to embody her magic. Grandmother moon guides me to a patch on the Earth nestled by the fire. I curl into a ball and comfortably gaze at her as she rests above … Listening to Grandmother Moon...

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Nature’s Velcro – Burdock

Ok so NO one loves pulling burrs from their dog, their kid, or their own hair and clothes, however, this plant is definitely WORTH being stuck to! Sometimes called Burdock, Beggar’s buttons (because it has a very pretty purple flower in July and August), thorny burr, or Lappa it’s actual Latin name is Arctium Lappa. … Nature’s Velcro – Burdock...

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