About Tawny Stowe

After more than 10 years of international work, Tawny has gained a deep passion for leading people into the physical and spiritual realms of human experience.​

Who Am I?

Tawny is a born adventurer who has a childlike curiosity about everything, and brings that into all she does. Tawny is a registered Métis and feels this connection in her work, and she is especially at peace when at the river or working with nature.

After more than 10 years of international work, Tawny discovered a deep passion for leading people into unexplored territory, both in the physical and spiritual realms. Through much self-discovery, Tawny has learned that the greatest mysteries lie within, and she views herself as a Tour-Of-The-Soul Guide, helping people to traverse the human experience.

Tawny’s Métis heritage has always guided her to spend time in nature, connect to the land, and inspire herbal and agricultural education. As a young adult, Tawny embarked upon many years of traveling. Throughout her working experience, she held positions across four continents, working in sales, marketing, hospitality, tourism, agriculture, and social enterprises. Tawny’s experiences abroad inspired her to return to school in Olds, Alberta, where she graduated with a diploma in Agriculture Management Production, and completed a Permaculture Design Certificate course.

Tawny is a certified Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master, Hot Stone Massage practitioner, and Adult & Children’s Yoga Instructor. As a proud mother, she continues to grow by forming meaningful connections with everyone she meets, and living her life with purpose, practicing mind-body-soul alignment and operating from wholeness.


Through an honest commitment to holistic health practices, Tawny Stowe is dedicated to developing awareness into whole body and fostering true belonging through authentic connection. Healing From Within is where it starts, and Tawny aims to foster 80,000 seeds of change through the teachings of holistic living.

Tawny invests in her community, local farmers, and in the environment by acting as a steward for the land in every management decision. Tawny aids people in restoring whole health, making for a healthy community, and thus making healthy landscapes. It is her deepest desire as a successful Métis female entrepreneur to lead by example in breaking down barriers, leading from compassion, and courageously empowering others. Tawny intends to leave a profitable, sustainable business that she may leave behind for generations to follow, and an urban landscape comprised of a resilient community.